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My New Music Compilation Album From The Dakotalapse Films

Atmospheric Time Lapse Music From The Dakotalapse Films Of Randy Halverson

A new mp3 music compilation album is now available to download of all my music that’s been used so far in the soundtracks to the Dakotalapse time lapse films and trailers from photographer Randy Halverson.

The collection is called A Momentary Lapse: Music From The Films Of Randy Halverson and contains 11 atmospheric and dramatic tracks, as well as  a 10 page liner notes pdf. You can hear short excerpts from all the included tracks by watching the promo video above or visit the album page (see link) where you can play full-length previews of all the tracks and buy the instant download collection of CD-quality 320 kbps mp3s.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Scorpio, Shadow Watch, Exodus, Eclipse, Tempest, Shadowland, Soma, Atlantis, Reflections, From An Ember To A Sun, Chrome Skies

You can buy the album directly from my shop or from iTunes, Amazon etc. at the following links:


Google Play


Please note: the album is for personal listening only and the download does not include any license for use in any other videos or projects. If you would like to use any tracks in your own videos, please ensure you also buy the relevant license. See more of Randy’s stunning time lapse work and photography at his website:

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My Music On Crime & Investigation Network: When Life Means Life

When Life Means Life - Anthony Arkwright Monday 9PM

On Monday 9th April, a new 6-part TV series begins in the UK on the Crime & Investigation Network which features my music throughout the 6 episodes. When Life Means Life focuses on some of Britain’s most dangerous and depraved criminals who have committed such extreme crimes that they will never be freed from prison.

Episode 1 (see short clip above) will be shown on Monday 9th April at 9pm on the Crime & Investigation Network which is available to Sky viewers on channels 553 & 555 or on Virgin channel 237. You can see some more online previews of the series all featuring my music on the Crime & Investigation Network website here:

Update: after Episode 1 on serial killer Anthony Arkwright, Virginmedia’s TV review page commented on “…its startling, horror film soundtrack” -- job done!

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My Music Used In Occupy Films By Liam Leahy

Film and documentary maker Liam Leahy has made a series of films portraying some of the people involved in the Occupy movement. The video above shows a portrait of ‘Rene’ from Occupy Boston.

Liam’s videos have featured several of my music tracks and the above video uses my track ‘A Kind Of Distance‘ from Volume 5 of my royalty free music collection:

See more of Liam’s great work on his Vimeo page:

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My Music Tempest Used In Verizon Ad For Motorola Droid Razr Phone

Motorola Droid Razr Commercial Using My Music: Tempest

My orchestral music track Tempest has been used in a Verizon commercial for Motorola’s Droid Razr phone. Tempest is a dramatic orchestral instrumental track and is available to download and license for use in your own films, videos and trailers:

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New Subway TV Commercial Featuring My Music

Subway Commercial Feat. My Orchestral Music Track Excelsior

Music for Subway commercial by Simon WilkinsonMy dramatic orchestral music track Excelsior is being featured in the latest Subway ‘Breakfast Barrier’ TV commercials for their sub-200 calorie breakfast sandwich on US TV networks.

Excelsior is also available to buy and license for use in your own trailers & videos:

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Time Lapse Video Surreal Journey Featuring My Music Scorpio

Here’s another awesome time lapse film featuring my music in the soundtrack. This excellent piece from photographer Ben Chase is called Surreal Journey and uses my licensed track Scorpio. Ben describes his work:

“From the late-night departures in inclement weather to the exploring of distant unmarked roads, my pursuit of photography is often a “Surreal Journey”. This was produced from footage and time-lapse frames taken in the Northwest Territories, Wyoming, Washington State, and Montana.”

Ben Chase

Read Ben’s blog entry about this piece here and check out his website

Scorpio is available to download as an mp3 or license from my shop here.

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New Promo Video For My Royalty Free Music Collection Vol.3

Royalty Free Music for Documentaries & Film Vol.3 (preview clips) by composer Simon Wilkinson

This is a promo video for my music collection Royalty Free Music Volume 3: Animated Antics, aimed at film and documentary makers. The music would work well for a wide range of subjects but is ideally suited for films and documentaries about science, nature, wildlife, travel or human interest.

You can buy the collection as an instant full quality wav download from my website for £39.99. Once purchased, you can keep using the music in unlimited films and documentaries without having to pay again:

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New Dakotalapse Time Lapse Video Temporal Distortion Featuring My Music

Temporal Distortion

Here’s the latest stunning time lapse film from Randy Halverson at Dakotalapse called Temporal Distortion. The online clip above features an awesome original custom score written especially for the piece by acclaimed composer Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Eureka etc.)

There is also a longer extended version of the film (over 23 minutes) available to download from the Dakotalapse website here which uses all my music including 2 new pieces written especially for it, as well as other music from my royalty free collections. Below is a short collection of excerpts from the extended film using one of the tracks I wrote for it called Shadowland (the full track is over 8 mins):

The film incorporates stunning time lapse footage of the Milky Way, Aurora and other night time lapse scenes. There is no CGI -- what you see is real, but you can’t see it this way with the naked eye. It is the result of 20-30 second exposures, edited together over many hours to produce the time lapse. This allows you to see the Milky Way, Aurora and other phenomena, in a way you wouldn’t normally see them. See more of Randy’s phenomenal photography and films at

The new tracks written for the extended cut are culled Shadowland and Soma and available to download from my store:

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PressPausePlay Documentary

If you’re at all interested in how music, film, books and art are created and consumed (and have an hour and a half to spare) I really recommend watching this excellent documentary PressPausePlay from House Of Radon; it’s nothing to do with me but I found it a fascinating watch!

Some great interviews with Seth Godin, Bill Drummond, Hank Shocklee, Moby and many more. You can actually download the film completely for free directly from the filmmakers’ website and then donate whatever amount  you feel you should (and if you enjoy it, I urge you do).

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YMCA Video Featuring My Music

A great new video from Christopher King at that features some of the music from my royalty free collections. The short film is an inspirational story about former pro boxer “terrifying” Tony Pollard and the help he received from the YMCA:

“Tony Pollard may have abandoned some of his healthy habits after quitting his pro boxing career 25 years ago, but he never forgot how to get back on his feet. He just needed the right place and the right support. The YMCA was all that.”


The music tracks featured are Spring Harvest, April Showers and  The Falling Snow from volumes 3 and 5 of my royalty free music collections:

Royalty Free Music Collection Vol. 3

Royalty Free Music Collection Vol.5