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Super Blue Blood Moon Video Featuring My Music

I’ve been getting a few emails from people about a video currently on Facebook which uses my music. The video (see above) is from Hashem Al-Ghaili‘s excellent Science & Nature Page and it currently has around 27 million views. It’s a video explaining the upcoming Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31st 2018 and the track of mine is called Theory Of Time.

Unfortunately it’s only available on my Royalty Free Music Vol.3 collection here on my website:

I say ‘unfortunately’ because the download also includes an unlimited license to use all the music from the album in your own personal or commercial videos, therefore it’s priced at £39.99 which I realise is lot more than ‘regular’ albums that people might generally buy!

So sorry but it’s not available on Spotify or anywhere else just to buy/listen to that one track, but thanks to everyone who has contacted me about it and enjoy the Super Blue Blood Moon!

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Special Offer Discount On Royalty Free Music Collections

Royalty Free Music Special OfferI’m currently offering a special offer discount on my Royalty Free Music collections – buy any 2 albums and get the third for free.

My royalty free collections are a pay-once/use-forever deal and can be used in any videos, documentaries, games, trailers, DVDs etc. without having to pay any further license costs or fees.

The music ranges from ambient ethereal space music, dark horror soundscapes, cinematic atmospheric piano and much more. The normal price is £39.99 for each album but you can choose any 3 for just £79.98 (normal price £119.97 – saving £39.99).

You can also buy my entire collection of all 8 Royalty Free albums for £223.92 (normal price £319.92 – saving £96)

To get the discount simply choose any 3 albums from the following link and enter the discount code 3for2RF at the checkout:

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Aurora And Meteor With Persistent Train By Dakotalapse

Aurora and Meteor with persistent train

Short time lapse video from Randy Halverson at Dakotalapse that captured a meteor whilst Randy was shooting some lovely time lapse of the Aurora. The video features my piano music track The Falling Snow from Volume 5 of my royalty free music collections.

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Summer Skies: 4K Ultra HD Timelapse Compilation By Andrias Joensen

Summer Skies - 4K Ultra HD Timelapse Compilation

Great new time lapse video from photographer Andrias Joensen at AHJ Photography that features music from my royalty free music collection Volume 8 (Deep Space Ambient).

“This new timelapse compilation focuses on the many Sun sequences, mainly sunsets, I’ve shot , mostly in 2015, but also a few from 2014. There’s also a sequence from the March 20th Solar Eclipse.”

Andrias Joensen

You can see more of Andrias’ work at the following sites:

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New Dakotalapse Short Time Lapse Clip Catches Satellites

Final Boost Stage of GSSAP and ANGELS satellites - 4K UHD

This short 1 minute time lapse clip from Randy Halverson is a pretty enough video to watch on its own merits. It’s even more captivating when you look closer and see that Randy managed to capture (by chance) 2 passing satellites in the frames of his film. The GSSAP and ANGELS satellites had launched on July 28th at 7:28 EDT and can be seen within the video above.

The background music is New World Dawn from volume 8 of my royalty free music collection Deep Space Ambient.

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Using My Music Without Permission On YouTube

Copyright symbolI know people don’t always have the budget to spend much on licensing music for videos but unfortunately I can’t afford to give my music away for free.

I don’t feel I ask a huge amount but I do ask that you don’t use my music without paying. Unfortunately over the past few weeks I’ve once again found more and more people using my music in their YouTube videos without paying, asking or even looking at my basic terms. I can’t really make it any more clearer than I do but if in doubt you can always ask. I’m at the stage now where I feel I’ve made it clear enough here on my website and in my YouTube videos that if you want to use my music in your own videos, it requires payment (either for a single use license or for repeat use with my royalty free music collections).

So after I’ve double checked any instances where my music genuinely hasn’t been licensed legally (and I always make sure it’s a genuine situation), I simply submit a copyright complaint to YouTube and move on. I don’t have the time or karmic/physical energy to manually negotiate every single unauthorised use (there’s hundreds). In both recent instances, YouTube chose to simply terminate the accounts of the uploaders which left them with their accounts closed and all their videos, comments and play-counts (some in the millions) gone. It’s unfortunate if you’ve lost your work but that’s how the process goes and when you’re using other people’s work without permission, you should be aware of the consequences.

In both cases the uploaders (who admitted not licensing my music or even asking permission) emailed me afterwards and basically said, “Thanks to you my account is now closed and I can no longer earn from my videos”. As much as I’d like to be sympathetic, I’m tired of being blamed when I’m not the one doing anything wrong. It’s not my fault if you only saw the word “free” in “royalty free” and just assumed you could go ahead and use my music without even acknowledging a few basic terms that I always explain in plain English; that’s like putting your fingers in your ears and hearing only what you want to hear.

In both these cases, the uploaders had completely ignored my terms about paying for licensing and just ripped the music from my promo videos – if that’s the only way you’re able to get hold of the music files, it should probably give you some idea that I haven’t made the music publicly and freely available for a reason and you should check whether you’re allowed to do that (hint: you’re not).

I’ve explained it before, but “Royalty Free Music” doesn’t mean “no charge”, in the same way that “Fat Free Yoghurt” obviously can’t be eaten in the store without paying for it. Just send me a quick email if you’re unsure about anything and I’ll happily clarify it (unless it’s about yoghurt). If you rely on YouTube revenue for your income and you’re earning money using other people’s content, you really need to be aware of the basic conditions and whether your videos are even eligible for revenue, so please don’t complain to me if I file a copyright dispute for use without permission.

I’m not out to be overly protective or make anyone’s life difficult. But when I spend hours, days and weeks writing music, learning production techniques, recording performances, building complex layers of sound, mixing and mastering, (not to mention all the money I spend on buying instruments, hardware, software, sequencers, sample libraries, artwork, web hosting etc.) I’m not earning a penny. It’s only when the music is finished and put out there that I might be lucky enough to find a few genuine customers who like the music enough to pay so that I can even start to recoup all the time, money and effort that’s gone into creating these tracks.

If you’re not willing to pay for the work I’ve created, perhaps you’d like to spend a few years learning the techniques and paying for the hardware and software and then try creating your own music? Sorry for the rant – to those who do genuinely buy and license my music and are willing to pay for music resources that they can use to create their own videos, documentaries and other works, my sincere thanks and appreciation. To those who don’t: you get what you (don’t) pay for…

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Short Time Lapse Clip From Dakotalapse Featuring My Ambient Music

Sprites, Gravity Waves and Airglow

Here’s a new short but hypnotic time lapse video clip from photographer Randy Halverson at Dakotalapse featuring a brief extract from my atmospheric royalty free ambient space music collection. Hear more of my work in Randy’s previous videos here.

“On August 20th, 2014 I timelapsed a storm over central South Dakota with multiple cameras. I left for Wyoming without looking at most of the frames. I saw a post by Tom Warner about Sprites he caught on the same storm. Sprites are large scale electrical discharges that occur high above clouds.When I got back I went through the frames and found 7 with Sprites in them. The Sprites are only 1 frame each, so they will be a quick flash of red near the right side above the storm. The green Airglow is rippled by Gravity Waves, some faint Aurora moves in towards the end of the sequences, on the right side before the clouds cover it up.”

Randy Halverson (Dakotalapse)

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Weather Time Lapse Film From Martien Janssen Featuring My Piano Music

Here’s a really nice new moody time lapse short film from Martien Janssen featuring lots of atmospheric cloud shots and weather, all shot in The Netherlands. The accompanying music is my track The Waiting from volume 1 of my royalty free music collections.

“The forecast was ‘good’, so me and my buddy Pyropix headed out and captured some wild footage during the day when 2 storms passed right over us. I shot almost 5000 shots in 24 scenes from 2pm to 11 pm, at several locations, using a D700 and D800 with a Emotimo TB3 dolly for movement.”

Martien Janssen

Martien Janssen photographer and designerMartien is a talented freelance photographer and graphic designer from Utrecht in The Netherlands.

See more of his graphic design and photography work over at his website Zy-Co Design & Photo:

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New Short Film From Eric Uys Featuring My Piano Music

Here’s a new short film from filmmaker and photographer Eric Uys which features some of my atmospheric royalty free piano music in the soundtrack. Filmed in one location with one actor in under 5 hours, Eric’s short film Vision is a dark and eerie piece based on the idea of a girl who gets a recurring dream in a dream warning of something ominous.

“So this film is essentially about the future and even knowing your future are you still able to escape its path?”

Eric Uys

See more of Eric’s work here: