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My Music On Crime & Investigation Network: When Life Means Life

When Life Means Life - Anthony Arkwright Monday 9PM

On Monday 9th April, a new 6-part TV series begins in the UK on the Crime & Investigation Network which features my music throughout the 6 episodes. When Life Means Life focuses on some of Britain’s most dangerous and depraved criminals who have committed such extreme crimes that they will never be freed from prison.

Episode 1 (see short clip above) will be shown on Monday 9th April at 9pm on the Crime & Investigation Network which is available to Sky viewers on channels 553 & 555 or on Virgin channel 237. You can see some more online previews of the series all featuring my music on the Crime & Investigation Network website here:

Update: after Episode 1 on serial killer Anthony Arkwright, Virginmedia’s TV review page commented on “…its startling, horror film soundtrack” -- job done!