Credits & Clients

My music has been featured in a wide range of films, TV shows, documentaries, trailers and commercials. Hear some examples in the videos below:

Playlist: Commercials, Trailers & Promos: Music By Simon Wilkinson

Clients range from hit worldwide TV shows like 24 (starring Kiefer Sutherland) and The Voice, television networks including ABC, NBC, HBO and BBC, major brands including Subway and Motorola, basketball giants the L.A. Lakers, through to smaller independent film and documentary makers as well as students and non-profit organisations.

In the video above you can see a sample of some examples of my music in use and below is a further selection from the variety of TV and film credits which have featured my atmospheric music. You can also check out the News section for more recent examples of my music credits and clients.

The Voice features my music
The Voice
Network: NBC TV
International hit TV show The Voice recently featured some of my atmospheric music in the USA and Australian versions of the show.


Subway TV commercial features my music
‘Breakfast Barrier’ TV Commercial
Dramatic orchestral music track Excelsior used in national US TV commercials for Subway‘s breakfast sandwich. Click here to watch.


LA Lakers pre-game intro features my music
L.A. Lakers
Custom music provided for basketball stars L.A. Lakers’ pre-game intro sequences screened live on giant screens before the games at the Lakers’ home venue of the Staples Center, California (see examples here).


24 trailers feature my music
Network: Fox
Music provided for trailers of seasons 7 & 8 of the hit TV show 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland. Watch the trailers featuring my dramatic orchestral action music Zahara here.


Motorola commercial features my music
Droid Razr Commercial
My music track Tempest is used in commercials and promos for Motorola’s Droid Razr phone on Verizon. Click here to see the commercial.


Bank Of America features my music
Bank Of America
Bank Of America has featured my music in some of its promotional videos and advertising material.


End Of The Road documentary features my music
End Of The Road (How Money Became Worthless)
100th Monkey Films
Some of my music is featured in this documentary on the economic crisis of 2008. The film is available to watch on Netflix or see the trailer here.


Channel 4's Get Your House In Order features my music
Get Your House In Order
Channel 4
My music has been featured throughout the popular British Channel 4 television series Get Your House In Order.


Crime And Investigation Network features my music
When Life Means Life
Crime And Investigation Network
My music is used in this 6-part documentary series which focuses on some of the UK’s most dangerous and depraved criminals. See more here.


Sky TV features my music
Football Icon
Sky One
My music is used internationally in Sky One‘s TV sporting programme Football Icon.


Evolution: The Grand Experiment documentary features my music
Evolution: The Grand Experiment Episode 1
Full custom music score composed for episode 1 of Evolution: The Grand Experiment by AVC. Winner of ‘Gold Medal for Excellence in Music for a Documentary’, ‘Best Youth Film’ and ‘Best Curriculum’. See clips here.


The Club features my music
The Club
Blackhorse Entertainment
Complete music score and sound design for action thriller starring Treva Etienne (Black Hawk Down, Pirates of the Caribbean). Buy the DVD here.


Tsunami Sounds Music Library features my music
Tsunami Sounds Music Library
Tsunami Sounds
Collection of atmospheric and dramatic music tracks published by Tsunami Sounds music library aimed at TV and commercial production houses.


Namibian Nights features my music
Namibian Nights
Marsel Van Oosten
Time lapse short film Namibian Nights by Marsel van Oosten featuring my piano music Leaving Paris won 1st prize at the 2012 Travel Photographer Of The Year awards. Watch the video here.


Action Girls features my music
Action Girls
Action Girls
Original custom atmospheric electronic dark dance music composed for adult DVD series starring model Veronika Zemanova.


Plains Milky Way by Randy Halverson features my music
Plains Milky Way
Original music soundtrack Exodus for photographer Randy Halverson‘s stunning time lapse film Plains Milky Way. Randy’s film gathered acclaim on Wired, National Geographic, The Telegraph & more. See the film here.


My music has also been featured on a wide variety of other international TV networks, channels, documentaries, dramas and popular reality television shows including the following clients:

My music has also won awards for Best Original Music at the Monaco Film Festival and also the Gold Medal for Excellence In Music For A Documentary Film at the Park City Music Festival.