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‘Sex Dolls: Stoned Mode’ Video Uses My Eerie Music ‘The Raven’!

Sex Dolls | Stoned Mode

Here’s a slightly creepy and unusual video that I wouldn’t really have expected to hear my music in! Sex Dolls: Stoned Mode by the people over at the Super Deluxe YouTube channel is a short behind-the-scenes look at how sex dolls are made…

There’s no narration but my music track The Raven plays throughout giving a very unsettling and eerie atmosphere to what would probably otherwise be quite a lighthearted quirky video. If nothing else it goes to show how you can completely alter the feel of a video just by the use of music.

The Raven is available to download or license here on my site:

Sweet dreams!

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Los Olvidados By Manuel León Caballero

Los Olvidados is a low budget slasher movie from Spanish indie filmmaker Manuel León Caballero. This is Manuel’s very first feature film and it was included in the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2014. You can now watch the full film on Vimeo above (which features my instrumental piano track Cursed in the credits).

Los Olvidados is a little slasher movie shot with no money, no crew and in just seven days. After its premiere in the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival 2014, here comes its free release on the internet.”

Manuel León Caballero

You can see more of Manuel’s work over on his Vimeo channel:

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Horror Movie ‘Silent Retreat’ Features My Music

One for you horror movie fans, new film Silent Retreat from director Ace Jordan features some of my dark atmospheric music. Watch the trailer above and find out more info below.

“Six members of a media company go on a weekend business retreat at an isolated lodge in the woods. When one of the members goes missing, they discover that the lodge was formerly a private mental institution that had been shut down after allegations of devious misconduct. One by one, they fall victim to the dark secrets buried at the lodge.”

You can visit the film’s official website here or see the social media links below:





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My Music Featured In H.P. Lovecraft App

Lovecraft Collection ® Volume 1: The beast in the cave

Some of my dark atmospheric horror music is featured in this beautiful app/ebook called Lovecraft Collection Vol.1: The Beast In The Cave from developers Designers Of Code.

The app is available on Android and iOS and is a beautifully designed interactive book featuring original artwork and stories from master cosmic horror author H.P. Lovecraft, readable in English, Spanish and French with original translations.

My music is used throughout to add an atmosphere of mystery and horror and I’m very pleased to have my work featured in such an attractively designed package!

“This was one of the best apps I have seen on the Kindle Fire thus far. I’m a huge Lovecraft fan and this definitely brings the story to life!! I highly recommend it! Looking forward for the newer stories. Illustrations are great, music and sound effects are great (highly recommend earphones), overall, a great app!!!!”

(Amazon reviewer)

You can get the app from the following links:


Amazon (Android)
Lovecraft Collection ® Volume 1

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New Documentary-Style Horror Film Featuring My Music

Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley - World Premiere Trailer #1 [HD]

Head Cases: Serial Killers In The Delaware Valley is a new fictional documentary style horror film from filmmaker Anthony Spadaccini at Fleet Street Films and features some of my dark atmospheric horror music. The film has been getting some great reviews and is definitely one for fans of dark psychological horror films.

“Serial killer Wayne Montgomery committed 41 murders between 1979 and 2007, leaving behind an extensive library of his life’s work. Now, a new generation carries on Wayne’s legacy in a terrifying world where rules do not apply. Take a trip through the mind of one of history’s most prolific serial killers -- and his devoted followers who are out for blood.”

Head Cases: Serial Killers In The Delaware Valley

The film is available to watch over at Vimeo On Demand where you can see the trailer above as well as follow the film on Facebook.

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Abandoned House Time Lapse Film Featuring My Royalty Free Horror Music

Abandoned Mansion House Time Lapse Creepy

This eerie time lapse film of an abandoned house in the woods is from photographer Andre Govia who specialises in photography capturing abandoned houses, hospitals, mental asylums, schools and other buildings with a stunning sense of beauty in decay.

Royalty Free Horror Music (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson: 13 Days Of Nightmares

The music used in the video above is called Day 4 and is from my Royalty Free Collection Vol.7 (13 Days Of Nightmares) which is aimed at providing atmospheric background music for documentary and horror film makers.

The promo video for the album can be seen here on the right and also uses some of Andre’s amazing photographs to illustrate the dark sense of atmosphere and unease in the music.

Andre’s photographs and images are absolutely beautiful in their use of texture, colour and eerie atmosphere and you can see more of his amazing work on his Flickr and Facebook pages below:

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Screen Horror Film For Release On Vimeo On Demand


Screen is a great looking new horror film from David Paul Baker which features some of my music and is due for imminent release on Vimeo On Demand. The film is about a group of horror fans who are found dead in front of an old drive-in screen. We go back 24 hours to follow two of the characters from this group who discover people died at the drive-in back in the 70s and the screen is haunted… The movie was shot between Tulsa and Cleveland, Oklahoma and bristles with a style reminiscent of horror movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween mixed with a classic grindhouse feel.

“Simultaneously reminiscent of Grindhouse Exploitation films and the new and old waves of “found footage” flicks, and with an opening newsreel sequence, and that kind of foreboding, Tubular Bells-ish music that just isn’t used in movies often enough anymore, SCREEN, directed by David Paul Baker is low-budget, self-sufficient Indie gold at it’s very best.”

Yell Magazine

Screen horror film with music by Simon WilkinsonThe film featuring my music will be released on Vimeo On Demand on the 15th December and you can watch a trailer from the movie above, or sign up to the movie’s mailing list for updates here.

Writer/producer/director David Paul Baker has a lot of other film ideas in the pipeline including City Of Sin, a branded hub destination for features and shorts under one umbrella.

You can follow news about Screen, City Of Sin and David’s other movie and short film projects at the following links:

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New Horror Short Film Featuring My Music: The Horror Of Green Mountain

The Horror of Green Mountain eps1

Royalty Free Film & Documentary Music Vol.7: 13 Days Of NightmaresEclipse by Simon WilkinsonHere’s a new eerie zombie horror film from Mark Wojcik at nnuu films featuring some of my dark atmospheric music.

The Horror Of Green Mountain is a short CGI animated film with a dark unsettling atmosphere.

The music featured in the video is licensed from my royalty free music collection Volume 7: 13 Days Of Nightmares as well as the track Eclipse. Both of these are available to buy here on my website at the following links:

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Music For Halloween Videos & Parties

Music for Halloween -- if you need some atmospheric music soundtracks for your Halloween videos, films, documentaries or parties there’s a selection of dark, creepy and eerie instrumental music in my music library that you can download for private use at your parties or license for public use in your Halloween videos.

From eerie soundscapes to haunting piano tracks there’s plenty of music to add some dark atmosphere this Halloween. Royalty free music collections are £39.99 while all other individual (non royalty free) tracks can be bought for 99p and licensed for non-commercial or commercial use in your films for £9.99 and £29.99 respectively.

Check out the licensing info for details. Listen to the preview clips in the music player above or head on over to my music download store where you can buy and instantly download the tracks or license them for use in your projects right now. Click here to see all the Halloween themed music tracks in my music download store.

Royalty Free Horror Music (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson: 13 Days Of Nightmares

The clip on the right is a promo video for Volume 7 of my royalty free music collections called 13 Days Of Nightmares set to eerie images of abandoned hospitals, psychiatric wards and mental institutions.

The music from Vol.7 is full of dark atmospheric background sounds, creepy and disturbing ambience, twisted underscores and haunting drones and dark soundscapes straight out of your worst nightmares…

If you hear anything you like in the music player above, you can find it here in the dark recesses of the horror music section:

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Some Of My Music Featured In New Zombie Short Film: 2 Hours

2 HOURS ― Award Winning Zombie Short Film

Some of my music is featured in a great looking new indie zombie short film called 2 Hours from director Michael Ballif. The film is an atmospheric post-apocalyptic action thriller about a lone survivor who is ambushed and infected with the virus. The film follows his journey of survival, with only 2 hours to obtain the cure.

You can watch the entire 25 minute film for free on YouTube above and also follow the links below to support the film or buy a copy on DVD.