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Simon Wilkinson is a British music composer and ambient musician who writes dark, atmospheric and dramatic instrumental music. You can also license my music for use in your documentaries, films, TV shows, trailers, games, YouTube videos and other visual media.

From atmospheric ambient space music and ethereal soundscapes to dark cinematic piano and dramatic orchestral trailer music, all of my work is available here to easily and instantly license for use in your own productions in a wide range of styles.

Unlike many stock music websites I don’t have thousands of tracks, but I try to focus on quality over quantity! Think of it more as a custom music boutique where the music is hand-crafted to create a rich sense of atmosphere, texture and attention to detail.

My music is ideal for student films, non-commercial or commercial films, documentaries, trailers, adverts, YouTube videos, TV shows, festivals, video games, mobile apps, time lapse photography, art installations or any other visuals which need an atmospheric musical background or soundtrack.

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You can see some previous examples of where my music has been used in the videos on the right.

I also have several collections of royalty free music available to buy for repeated use in all your films, documentaries, videos and trailers.

Once purchased, my royalty free music collections can be used in unlimited projects without needing to pay a repeat license fee (or ‘royalty’) for each new video.

This makes my royalty free music collections a great choice for people who make lots of different films, videos and documentaries and want to be able to keep using the same music without having to worry about licensing it again for each new and separate use.

Who Can Use My Music?
My music is primarily aimed at film & TV professionals, production companies, trailer editors, documentary makers, producers, students and independent filmmakers looking for atmospheric music to license for use in their films, documentaries and videos.But I’ve also heard from ‘non-industry’ people who just enjoy listening to atmospheric music, so if you like cinematic film soundtracks, dramatic trailer cues and dark textural soundscapes you can also just buy and download the music tracks for personal listening without a license (apart from the royalty free collections which are only available with a license included.)

Listening To My Music
To get started, click Music in the menu above or select a category of music from the Music Categories drop-down list at the top right. You can also use the Search box at the top to enter any search terms for the type of music you’re looking for, e.g. epic, dramatic, melancholy, piano etc.

As well as buying my music from this site, you can also stream and purchase from the following sites (although licenses and my royalty free music collections are only available here at (and Amazon UK)
Google Play

Some words that describe my preferred styles of music:
ambient, atmospheric, celestial, cinematic, dark, deep, dramatic, emotional, ethereal, evolving, filmic, immersive, layered, long form, orchestral, organic, otherworldly, rich, sonorous, soundscapes, space music, textural, visual, weightless

Licensing My Music
If you’d like to use my music in your film, documentary or video, you will need to purchase a license. Licenses are available for one-time use of single tracks in commercial or non-commercial projects and I also have several collections of royalty free music which can be used an unlimited number of times. So you can buy and download the music and license and start using it straight away.

Single-use non-commercial licenses for an individual track are £9.99 and commercial licenses are £29.99 while my royalty free collections are just £39.99 for repeat use in unlimited videos.

Music services I provide:

  • Royalty free music
  • Film score composition
  • Music for TV productions
  • Documentary music
  • Trailer music and licensing
  • Radio jingles
  • Production music
  • Custom ringtones
  • On hold music
  • Video game soundtracks
  • Cinematic soundscapes
  • Ambient and background sound design

I also have a wide range of studio equipment and audio tools available to clean up and improve audio. So if you’ve got some old recordings that you want improved, cleaned up, pops/clicks/crackles removed etc. get in touch and I’ll see if I can help. Whether it’s a sentimental spoken word recording of a family member or your favourite old record that’s full of hisses and crackles, I can probably help improve it.

On a final note, I find a lot of people arrive at this site looking for free downloads of my music -- as with most musicians today, it’s a struggle to make money from music so please be aware that it is my livelihood. I’m not a gigging musician so my only income is generated through licensing my music and each purchase helps me to be able to dedicate more time to creating new music!

Thanks for listening and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Simon Wilkinson
Composer for film, TV and documentary