Track length: 2:21
Tempo: 162 bpm

Pounding epic orchestral action track with contemporary thunderous heavy drums, percussion and sweeping strings building to a dramatic and frantic climax.

Ideal instrumental trailer music for film action scenes, TV spots, commercials, stings or promos where exciting and intense dramatic orchestral action music is needed (e.g. extreme sports, danger, exciting, thrilling, chase scenes).

Hear the track in action in the video clip below, as heard in promo trailers for the Fox network’s smash hit TV show ‘24‘ starring Kiefer Sutherland:

Orchestral trailer music Zahara: Fox 24 promo S07E10 #1

Keywords: 2 Steps From Hell, 24, action, adventure, battle, big, blazing, brass, builds, chase, cinematic, climactic, climax, courage, courageous, danger, dangerous, drama, dramatic, drums, epic, exciting, excitement, extreme, fast, fearless, frantic, frenetic, frenzied, frenzy, Hans Zimmer, heavy, heroic, huge, instrumental, intense, intensity, lightning, loud, machinima, massive, montage, olympics, orchestra, orchestral, percussion, percussive, pounding, power, powerful, production, promo, pursuit, quick, smash, sports, strike, striking, strings, swashbuckling, symphonic, thunder, thundering, thunderous, trailer music, TV, victorious, victory, war, widescreen, Zahara, Zorro

As heard on TV

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