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More Time Lapse Videos From Martien Janssen

Here’s another beautiful time lapse video from photographer Martien Janssen who has used my music in several of his previous projects (see here). The video is shot in Siargao in the Philippines and features my track Exodus.

“This is the second time lapse movie of a trilogy, created from 100 time lapse scenes all around Siargao and the neighbouring islands.”

Martien Janssen

You can find more of Martien’s work on Vimeo:

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The Hoia-Baciu Forest – Aerial Photography Video From GVT Media

Here’s a wonderful new video featuring some great aerial photography from Cosmin Giurgiu at GVT Media. Shot in the beautiful Transylvania region of Romania, The Hoia-Baciu Forest features beautiful aerial footage of the stunning landscape accompanied by my music track Shadowland.

The Hoia-Baciu Forest – Truth or Legend is the first professional travel documentary ever made in Romania about this place. It will be a 30 minute movie with two trailers. The documentary will be released at the end of 2016, on the days of Saturnalia (mid December). The two trailers will be released in February and May 2016, in order to promote the documentary and raise part of the money needed for the production.”

Cosmin is a professional videographer, editor, documentary producer and photographer from Romania and you can license his aerial footage and other videos for use in your projects. Check out more of his work here:

You can also contact Cosmin directly with any questions here:

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Snow And Clouds By Lukas Spieker

Snow and Clouds from Lukas on Vimeo.

Here’s another nice timelapse video from photographer and filmmaker Lukas Spieker which uses my track Aurora. The video is called Snow And Clouds and was shot in the Swiss Jura Mountains on a cold winter morning.

“I used the in-camera time-lapse capture of the Nikon D810 and D4, except for one sequence (the one zooming out) which is made of JPG frames. There’s also one hand-held pan recorded with the iPhone which has phenomenal image stabilization. I have made several time-lapse videos from this and nearby locations over the last years, one of them made it for a documentary on weather phenomena.”

Lukas Spieker

Lukas has used some of my music in one of his previous videos and you can see more of his work on his own website:

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Mission Point, Michigan By Chris Penney (Dogbyte Films)

Shooting test footage with the Black Magic 4K Production camera. Mission Point, Michigan.

Some lovely 4k footage of nature and tranquil scenery shot on a cloudy day in Mission Point, Michigan by filmmaker Chris Penney. Chris is a talented and passionate filmmaker from Grand Rapids who makes feature films, documentaries and commercial productions through his own production company Dogbyte Films.

I’m honoured to have had some of my music used by Chris in some of his previous film work. If you need any kind of commercial production or film work done, Chris is an experienced and well-equipped filmmaker so get in touch with him:

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Without Bound – Perspectives On Mobile Living Documentary

Without Bound - Perspectives on Mobile Living (Documentary)

Without Bound is a fascinating documentary film from filmmaker Michael Tubbs about mobile living that features some of my royalty free music in the soundtrack. The film focuses on the lives of people who have decided to live independently in trailers and mobile homes by using their own alternative resources and off-grid facilities.

The film offers an insight into the perspectives of those who choose to live their lives free from the economic ties that most of us are familiar with. It’s well worth a watch just to remind us that there are alternative options and lifestyle ambitions rather than just big homes, fancy cars and the latest gadgets. You can find out more about Michael’s work and other projects at:


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Spain Time Lapse Video From Martien Janssen Featuring Tempest

Following on from Martien Janssen‘s last time lapse video The Weather which featured some of my royalty free piano music, here’s another really nice atmospheric video filmed in southeast Spain and featuring my orchestral track Tempest.

“This trip was all about getting up before sunrise, catching every sunset and traveling or relaxing during daytime. Land- and seascapes were beautiful and I’ve really come to love the wild coast and wild west country, where Sergio Leone once filmed the legendary westerns.”

Martien Janssen

I particularly like the igloo-style accomodation! See more of Martien’s photography and design at

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Time Lapse Stars, Auroras And Supercells From Dean Gill Featuring My Music

Here’s some stunning time lapse video clips of supercell storms, stars and auroras from Dean Gill and featuring my music tracks Tempest and Falling Down. The videos come from various locations around the world including Italy, France and the US.

Check out more of Dean’s great photography here:

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Underwater Diving Video Of Lake Tanganyika Featuring My Music

Lake Tanganyika Cichlids in the Wild (HD 1080p)

Here’s a new promotional video from African Diving Ltd. including stunning underwater diving footage from Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, which also features my music tracks Exodus and Tempest.

“Underwater footage from Lake Tanganyika including the very first presentation of several new cichlid fishes in the lake, such as the new orange-cheeked Petrochromis and the vivid and equally new Tropheus sp. “Short body”, the latter found in the extreme shallow and surge stricken biotope.”

African Diving Ltd.

Visit the African Diving Ltd. website for more info at:

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New Promo Video For Downtempo Electronica Track: Late Night Metro

Late Night Metro: chilled electronic music by Simon Wilkinson

This is my latest promo video for my downtempo electronic music track Late Night Metro. The video features some lovely video footage of Tokyo at night as seen from the night train, from talented filmmaker and photographer Fabien Tran.

The track Late Night Metro is a downtempo chilled track featuring Fender Rhodes, gentle wah wah guitar and atmospheric vibes similar in style to artists such as Thievery Corporation, Zero 7 and Air.

You can buy the track for personal listening or license it at low cost for use in your documentaries, films, YouTube videos or trailers from my online store here (it’s also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.):