Total running time: 44:55 (11 tracks)
Tempo: Various

A compilation of some of my music tracks that have been featured in the Dakotalapse series of time lapse films from acclaimed photographer Randy Halverson.

This collection includes 11 tracks of my atmospheric and dramatic music that have been featured in the acclaimed Dakotalapse time lapse films including Sub Zero, Plains Milky Way, Tempest Milky Way and Temporal Distortion as well as an exclusive pdf booklet featuring liner notes and photographs taken from the films.

PLEASE NOTE: this collection is sold here for personal listening only and does not include a license to use the music in any of your own films or videos. All tracks are available to license for use in your videos but the licenses must be purchased in addition to this compilation by searching this site for each track you wish to use and then purchasing the relevant licenses.

Atmospheric Time Lapse Music From The Dakotalapse Films Of Randy Halverson

Atmospheric, inspiring and dramatic music from the beautiful series of Dakotalapse time lapse films (, the compilation of 11 tracks also includes a 10 page liner notes pdf (not available from other stores like iTunes, Amazon etc.)

The tracks included are Scorpio, Shadow Watch, Exodus, Eclipse, Tempest, Shadowland, Soma, Atlantis, Reflections, From An Ember To A Sun and Chrome Skies. Listen to full length previews of all the tracks in the music player above or watch the promo video on the right.

The full album plus pdf liner notes will be immediately available to download after purchase as a zip file containing all tracks as highest CD-quality 320 kbps mp3s.

Please note: This music collection is for personal listening only and does not contain any license for use in your own films or videos. If you would like to license any individual track from this collection to use in your own film, please purchase the relevant license from the individual track/royalty free collection (you can search the site for the relevant track license by typing the track name in the search box at the top). A license must be bought before the music is used in any video or production (even not for profit, Youtube etc.) Any unlicensed use is an infringement of copyright and will be legally pursued.

Tracklisting: Scorpio (2:50) | Shadow Watch (1:19) | Exodus (3:22) | Eclipse (2:15) | Tempest (3:43) | Shadowland (8:33) | Soma (6:18) | Atlantis (4:00) | Reflections (3:12) | From An Ember To A Sun (3:20) | Chrome Skies (6:07)

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