Licensing Info

To use any of my music in your films, trailers, documentaries, YouTube videos, games or other productions, it needs to be licensed before use (even free/not-for-profit/YouTube videos etc).

I have 2 types of music available – Royalty free collections and Individual (non royalty free) tracks:

  • Use music in unlimited videos
  • £39.99 per collection
  • Each collection includes 10+ tracks
  • Includes royalty free license for repeat use in unlimited projects
  • Can be used in non-commercial and commercial productions
  • Use music on YouTube, Vimeo etc.
  • Use in monetized YouTube videos
  • No further fees to pay

The royalty free license allows the music from these collections to be used in an unlimited number of films, documentaries, games and video productions for one licensed end-user.

My royalty free collections are a low cost way to buy quality music that you can keep using repeatedly in all your films, games and videos without having to pay a new license fee (or ‘royalty’) each time you use the music in a different film, video, trailer or production.

View all my royalty free music collections

  • Use music in one video
  • £9.99 for non-commercial license or
  • £29.99 for commercial license
  • License covers use in one video only
  • Put that one video on YouTube, Vimeo, personal website etc.
  • Use in monetized YouTube videos
  • Needs new separate license if you want to use the track in a different video

Individual (non royalty free) tracks are licensed for one-time use in one video or production. You can choose between a non-commercial license (£9.99) or a commercial license (£29.99).

A new license is needed if you want to use the same track in a different video. The license covers use in one video only.

You can also just buy an individual track for £0.99 for personal listening or to try out privately before committing to a license.

View all individual non royalty free tracks

Please note: using any music in a production without a license (even not-for-profit projects) is an infringement of copyright and prosecutable by law, My licenses are not expensive and I’m always happy to arrange a discount if you would like to license more than one track.

Royalty Free Music Collections (includes license)

Royalty Free Music CollectionsMy Royalty Free Music collections cost a one-time purchase price of £39.99 for each collection of 10 or more music tracks plus an included lifetime license to use this music in all your films, documentaries, trailers, videos, games etc.

You only pay the initial purchase price so you can keep using the music in all your videos without having to pay a new license fee (or ‘royalty’) for each new video. It’s a cost-effective way to have a library of atmospheric music you can use in all your videos.

And it means you can legally use the music in all your short films, documentaries, feature films, games, trailers, podcasts and promotional videos, whether your production is for commercial broadcast on worldwide TV, on websites, student films, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc.

All royalty free collections include the music (in wav or mp3 format) plus the license, so you get everything you need in one purchase and can start using the music as soon as you’ve bought it.

Important note on restrictions of use: The only real restrictions I have is that none of my music can be used as samples to create new musical works (e.g. sampling even a small section to use in a new musical track of your own). And secondly that if you work as a freelance editor working for multiple clients, the royalty free license means the music can be used in the films of one original end-user only; so in the majority of cases this will likely be you (if making your own videos). But if you’re a freelance editor using music for multiple clients, each client would need to buy their own copy of a collection so they are the licensed end-user for their video. You can use your copy to demo tracks to them before making a final video but they will need to buy their own copy before making any final public production.

You can use my royalty free music for:

  • Home videos
  • Wedding videos
  • Student films
  • Commercial documentaries, feature films and trailers
  • Commercial film festival submissions
  • Commercial theatrical productions
  • Commercial advertisements and promos
  • TV broadcasts (local, national or worldwide)
  • Downloadable commercial or mobile games
  • Personal or commercial website background music
  • Personal or commercial podcast background music
  • Church productions
  • User-generated videos (e.g. Vimeo/YouTube including monetised commercial videos)
  • On-hold telephone music
  • Commercial/corporate/business presentations
  • Commercial trade shows/live presentations

Although ‘royalty free’ means that you (as the filmmaker) don’t have to pay any further license fees to use the music, it doesn’t mean that broadcast (or ‘performance’) royalties for the composer are being forfeited. Broadcasters (such as TV channels) pay a fixed blanket fee to the various music collection agencies (e.g. PRS, GEMA, ASCAP etc.) who in turn ensure that these broadcast royalties are channelled correctly to the original composer.

If your film or documentary does get picked up for TV broadcast, you would need to fill in an appropriate ‘cue sheet’ with my details and membership number for the broadcaster whether the music is royalty free or not. But this requires no additional payment from you and is just a matter of ensuring the paperwork is correct. If you know your film is going to be broadcast, please contact me to ensure you have the correct details for any cue sheet submissions.

For a fuller description of royalty free music read my article What Is Royalty Free Music?


Individual Tracks (Non Royalty Free)

These are all other individual music tracks on this site which aren’t in the royalty free collections and must be licensed individually for one-time use in each separate and unique video. You can choose between three options when buying an individual (non royalty free) track:

  • Download mp3 for personal listening only (no license) @£0.99
  • Buy License A (Non-commercial use) & mp3 @£9.99
  • Buy License B (Commercial use) & mp3 @£29.99

Download mp3 for personal listening only (no license)

Music Download Only PriceIf you just want to buy my non royalty free music purely for personal listening on your computer or mp3 player (i.e. not for use in any videos) you can buy just the mp3 without a license for £0.99 by selecting Download mp3 for personal listening only (no license) from the licensing options.

This also allows you to buy a track to test privately in your productions first, and if you later decide you do want to use my music in your video, you can come back and buy a license when you’re ready to make your video public. (Please note: unfortunately tracks from any of my royalty free music collections are not available to license individually or for personal use.)


License A: Non-Commercial Use (home/student license)

Non-Commercial Music License PriceThis type of license covers use of the music in one non-commercial film or video production for free distribution. Non-commercial use means not for sale, commercial or monetary gain or profit and not advertising any paid product, service or business (monetised YouTube videos are allowed as long as not advertising a commercial product, business or service.)

You can use music with this license for free distribution of one of the following:

  • Personal non-commercial home video
  • Personal non-commercial wedding video
  • Student film (for free performance in schools/colleges/YouTube etc.)
  • Non-commercial independent or short film
  • Non-commercial documentary
  • Trailer for non-commercial film
  • Non-commercial film festival submissions
  • Non-commercial (i.e. free) mobile app or game (e.g. Android or iOS)
  • Live theatre dramatical production with non-paying audience
  • Personal/not-for-profit website (non business)
  • Personal/not-for-profit podcast
  • Not-for-profit church productions
  • User-generated videos (e.g. Vimeo/YouTube including monetised non-commercial videos)

This license covers the music use in one production only, so a new separate license would be needed for each new production/film/video that uses it.

Licensing info for using my music on YouTube: please read this info about Content ID.

A non-commercial license does not cover the following types of use:

  • Any trailer, video or promotional material advertising a commercial business, product or paid service
  • Any production for sale or paid download (e.g. film sold on DVD/Blu Ray etc.)
  • Television broadcast
  • Commercial mobile game, paid app or in-game purchases
  • Cinema use
  • Radio broadcast


License B: Commercial Use (non-broadcast license)

Commercial Music License PriceThis type of license covers use of a single track in one commercial production (excluding TV broadcasts). Examples of use includes all of those listed above under License A as well as use in commercial or corporate productions.

Commercial use constitutes any video, trailer or audio-visual production that uses the music to advertise or promote any commercial product, business or paid service for commercial or monetary gain or profit. Even if you’re not charging your audience for the video or trailer directly, if the actual service or product being advertised makes money, this is classed as commercial use. If you are in doubt whether your use would be classed as commercial or not, please contact me for more details.

You can use music with this license for commercial distribution of one of the following:

  • One unique commercial wedding video
  • Commercial (for sale) film
  • Commercial (for sale) documentary
  • Trailer for commercial film (excluding TV broadcast)
  • Film festival submissions (commercial or non-commercial)
  • Commercial mobile app or game (e.g. Android or iOS)
  • Live theatre dramatical production with paying audience
  • Commercial websites (as background music)
  • Commercial (for sale) podcasts (as background music)
  • Commercial corporate/business/client presentations
  • Commercial trade shows/live presentations
  • Monetised YouTube videos promoting commercial services and products

This license covers the music use in one production only (but includes related promo & trailers) so a separate license would be needed if you wanted to use the music again in a different production/film.

Licensing info for using my music on YouTube: please read this info about Content ID.

Note: A commercial non-broadcast license does not cover television broadcast or television commercial use. Please contact me for a custom quote if you’re interested in these uses including as much information as possible about your project.


If the license you need for your film or production is not covered here, or you have any other questions regarding licensing my music, please get in touch here. I’m also happy to discuss prices for bulk licensing of multiple music tracks.