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‘Sex Dolls: Stoned Mode’ Video Uses My Eerie Music ‘The Raven’!

Sex Dolls | Stoned Mode

Here’s a slightly creepy and unusual video that I wouldn’t really have expected to hear my music in! Sex Dolls: Stoned Mode by the people over at the Super Deluxe YouTube channel is a short behind-the-scenes look at how sex dolls are made…

There’s no narration but my music track The Raven plays throughout giving a very unsettling and eerie atmosphere to what would probably otherwise be quite a lighthearted quirky video. If nothing else it goes to show how you can completely alter the feel of a video just by the use of music.

The Raven is available to download or license here on my site:

Sweet dreams!

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Aurora And Meteor With Persistent Train By Dakotalapse

Aurora and Meteor with persistent train

Short time lapse video from Randy Halverson at Dakotalapse that captured a meteor whilst Randy was shooting some lovely time lapse of the Aurora. The video features my piano music track The Falling Snow from Volume 5 of my royalty free music collections.

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Code Of Silence Documentary Trailer Featuring Black Orchid

My music track Black Orchid is featured in this dramatic trailer for documentary Code Of Silence by Scilla Alecci & George Steptoe. Code Of Silence is an investigative documentary about the abuses female prison officers endure at the hands of their male coworkers, and the institutions that allow these abuses to continue.

“As more American women than ever before choose to work in corrections, they face an additional challenge to their safety: harassment and retaliation from male officers. Code Of Silence tells the story of seven current and former corrections officers who have overcome their fear of reprisal and challenged the system.”

Find out more about the documentary here:

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New Orchestral Track ‘Awakening’ Added

Awakening by composer Simon WilkinsonJust added to the site is a new orchestral music track called Awakening. The track is an epic piano-led orchestral instrumental aimed at film and documentary makers looking for atmospheric music for their videos and trailers.

Starting with a simple piano riff, the tracks builds to an epic orchestral arrangement with strings and brass at 2:48.

The overall feel is inspirational and powerful with a slightly darker tone, ideally suited for personal stories or subjects of social uprising (e.g. Occupy protests, financial  events or human rights issues).

You can listen to the track or immediately license it for your project here:

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New Promo Video For My Dark Piano Track Black Orchid

Dramatic piano music Black Orchid by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s the latest of my music promo videos, this time for the darkly atmospheric piano instrumental Black Orchid. The track features solo piano backed with ominous strings and subtle percussion and would be ideal background music for dark documentaries, thrillers or trailers, particularly suited for videos with an atmosphere of paranoia, political intrigue and other ominous subject matter.

The track is available to download and license here for use in your own films and videos and also on all popular sites like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

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Weather Time Lapse Film From Martien Janssen Featuring My Piano Music

Here’s a really nice new moody time lapse short film from Martien Janssen featuring lots of atmospheric cloud shots and weather, all shot in The Netherlands. The accompanying music is my track The Waiting from volume 1 of my royalty free music collections.

“The forecast was ‘good’, so me and my buddy Pyropix headed out and captured some wild footage during the day when 2 storms passed right over us. I shot almost 5000 shots in 24 scenes from 2pm to 11 pm, at several locations, using a D700 and D800 with a Emotimo TB3 dolly for movement.”

Martien Janssen

Martien Janssen photographer and designerMartien is a talented freelance photographer and graphic designer from Utrecht in The Netherlands.

See more of his graphic design and photography work over at his website Zy-Co Design & Photo:

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New Short Film From Eric Uys Featuring My Piano Music

Here’s a new short film from filmmaker and photographer Eric Uys which features some of my atmospheric royalty free piano music in the soundtrack. Filmed in one location with one actor in under 5 hours, Eric’s short film Vision is a dark and eerie piece based on the idea of a girl who gets a recurring dream in a dream warning of something ominous.

“So this film is essentially about the future and even knowing your future are you still able to escape its path?”

Eric Uys

See more of Eric’s work here:

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Hendrik Vermeulen Couture Video By Eric Uys Featuring My Piano Music

Hendrik Vermeulen Couture

A short company profile video made by award winning photographer and filmmaker Eric Uys for Haute Couture fashion brand Hendrik Vermeulen Couture in Cape Town, South Africa and featuring some of my royalty free piano music.

You can see more of Eric’s great fashion, portrait and art photography at the following sites:

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Cinematic Yachting Experience Video Featuring My Piano Music

Sailing the Mergui Archipelago Islands Myanmar - Cinematic Yachting Experience

This beautiful travel video shot in Burma, Myanmar comes from talented travelers, photographers and filmmakers 8 Miles From Home and features my instrumental piano track The Harder Ground.

“Sailing in Burma, Myanmar around the Mergui Archipelago Islands is an experience that very few people get to take. These 800 scarcely explored islands in the Andaman sea are a place of extreme beauty.”

8 Miles From Home

Check out more beautiful travel photography and videos from Sacha and Jmayel here: