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PressPausePlay Documentary

If you’re at all interested in how music, film, books and art are created and consumed (and have an hour and a half to spare) I really recommend watching this excellent documentary PressPausePlay from House Of Radon; it’s nothing to do with me but I found it a fascinating watch!

Some great interviews with Seth Godin, Bill Drummond, Hank Shocklee, Moby and many more. You can actually download the film completely for free directly from the filmmakers’ website and then donate whatever amount  you feel you should (and if you enjoy it, I urge you do).

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YMCA Video Featuring My Music

A great new video from Christopher King at that features some of the music from my royalty free collections. The short film is an inspirational story about former pro boxer “terrifying” Tony Pollard and the help he received from the YMCA:

“Tony Pollard may have abandoned some of his healthy habits after quitting his pro boxing career 25 years ago, but he never forgot how to get back on his feet. He just needed the right place and the right support. The YMCA was all that.”


The music tracks featured are Spring Harvest, April Showers and  The Falling Snow from volumes 3 and 5 of my royalty free music collections:

Royalty Free Music Collection Vol. 3

Royalty Free Music Collection Vol.5

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Horror Movie Trailer Featuring My Piano Music Cursed


My atmospheric instrumental piano track Cursed is featured in a new teaser trailer for upcoming horror film Screen by director David Paul Baker. Screen will be having some exclusive screenings at drive-in theatres in 2012.

Watch the teaser trailer for the movie above and you can also find more details about the movie and sign up for the mailing list at:

Cursed is also available as an mp3 download and  can be licensed at low cost for use in your own films, trailers and videos from my music shop:

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Married, Single, Dead: Crime Show Featuring My Music

New Crime & Investigation Show Featuring My MusicSome of my dark atmospheric music will be featuring in an upcoming documentary on the Crime & Investigation Network. The show is called Married, Single, Dead and focuses on the darker side of social networking. The show will be broadcast at 9pm on Thursday 15th December 2011 and the Crime & Investigation Network is available on the following satellite and cable TV channels:

Sky Digital: Crime & Investigation Network – Channel 553
Crime & Investigation Network HD – Channel 555
Virgin Media: Crime & Investigation Network – Channel 237
(Crime & Investigation Network features in the XL Package)

You can see some preview video clips at the following link:

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New Atmospheric Royalty Free Music Collection: Vol. 6 Dark Matter

Royalty Free Music For Documentary & Film Vol.6 (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson

I’ve just released a new collection of royalty free music available from my website store. Royalty-Free Film & Documentary Music Vol. 6: Dark Matter is a collection of 17 tracks of atmospheric music ideal for documentaries with dark subject matter, e.g. crime, investigation, conspiracy, betrayal, intrigue etc.

It could also be useful for films and trailers needing a soundtrack with dark music and textures. You can watch the promo clip above which features short extracts from each of the 17 tracks to give you an idea of the style of music. Or head to the shop to hear full length previews of all the tracks where you can buy the collection in mp3 or wav format for just £39.99:

Simon Wilkinson: Royalty Free Film & Documentary Music Vol. 6: Dark MatterAll my royalty free music collections include a license which means you can keep using the music in as many of your films, documentaries, trailers and videos as you like without having to pay any further fees each time you use it.

The included royalty free license covers use on Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook videos, commercial or personal websites, trailers, DVDs etc. (full details of the licensing info is in the store here). And if you buy the complete collection of all my royalty free music, you’ll automatically receive a 30% discount on the total price.

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Fall Time Lapse Video Featuring My Music Outpost 31

Another beautiful time lapse film from Eric Hines, this one’s called Fall Timelapse Collection and features my music track Outpost 31. Outpost 31 is a dark, dramatic and atmospheric instrumental soundtrack with an epic, atmospheric, icy winter feel.

You can download the track or license it for use in your own films, trailers and videos from my online music shop here:

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Promo For Dark Ambient Space Music Polaris

Dark Ambient Space Music: Polaris by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s a new promo video for more of my dark ambient space music set to atmospheric space video footage. This track is called Polaris, a dark eerie atmospheric ambient sci-fi soundtrack, available to license at low cost for use in your own videos, films, documentaries and Youtube videos.

The full length track is 10 minutes long and is available from my website store. No drums, no percussion, just long, organic, dark & evolving hypnotic soundscapes and relaxing mesmerizing atmospheric drones. Perfect underscore music for documentaries and films or just for fans of atmospheric ethereal music from artists like Brian Eno, Biosphere, Stars Of The Lid and other ambient textures. Put it on headphones and drift away to dark sci-fi landscapes.

Get Polaris from:

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All Tracks Are Now Available As Highest Quality 320kbps mp3s

Music is highest quality 320kbps mp3sAll individual music track downloads bought from my website have now been upgraded to the highest quality 320 kbps mp3 downloads. So when you place your order, the downloads you receive will be the highest CD-quality mp3 music files available.

Additionally, all royalty-free music collections are also available as full broadcast quality wav files, or as 192 kbps mp3s if you prefer a smaller download but still high quality.

Select the option you prefer for the royalty free collections from the dropdown when ordering. And if you’ve recently bought any single music tracks at the previous 192 kbps mp3 format, don’t worry, you can re-download at the new highest quality by just logging in with your original details and downloading again!

Enjoy the highest quality music download formats from

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Evolution The Grand Experiment Episode 2 Documentary Music Clip

Living Fossils, Evolution: The Grand Experiment, Episode 2

Here’s a short clip from episode 2 of the TV documentary show Evolution: The Grand Experiment that I finished scoring the music soundtrack for earlier this year. The show features some stunning nature footage and underwater photography (seen in the video here) and the soundtrack includes more orchestral arrangements as well as acoustic guitar, piano and atmospheric ambient music.

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New ABC TV Promo Featuring My Dramatic Orchestral Music Track Titan

'Take The Money And Run' ABC Promo Trailer Featuring Music By Simon Wilkinson

My orchestral action music track Titan has just been used in the latest US promo trailers for ABC’s new reality TV show Take The Money And Run (see video above). Titan is a dramatic orchestral action music track that is also available to download and license for use in your own films, trailers, YouTube videos and other projects from my website shop: