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Promo Video For My Acoustic Guitar Track Snowhorses

Inspirational Music For Film & Documentary: Snowhorses by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s a new promo video clip for my music track Snowhorses which features acoustic guitar, bass, piano, strings and drums. The track is available to license for use in your documentaries, films and video projects from my shop:

The video footage is used with kind permission from Randall Barr at Cinequine who provide beautiful horse photography and video:

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More Of My Orchestral Music Used In L.A. Lakers Intro Spots

L.A. Lakers Intro Video 2010 #2 Feat. Music By Simon Wilkinson

Another one of my music tracks has been used in basketball giants the L.A. Lakers’ opening intro video, played before their games at their home stadium, the Staples Center in Los Angeles. This time, my orchestral action track Excelsior was used in the video to the right which was projected onto the huge screens among the crowds before the game.

Excelsior is a dramatic orchestral track which would be ideal for trailers or promos that need music which builds to a climax and can be downloaded or licensed for use in your own projects from my mp3 shop here:

Thanks to Peter Bailey at Sideshow Studios ( who wrote, directed and edited all the graphics and video for the promo.

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First Darkness Film Wins 2 Awards Including Best Music At Monaco Film Festival!

David JasonThe short film First Darkness by artists Wyllie O’Hagan, that I wrote the music for, has won two awards at the Monaco Film Festival: Best Art Short Film and Best Original Music Short Film.

Pictured here are Denise and Clare at the awards ceremony in Monaco with Sir David Jason (sadly I wasn’t able to make it to the ceremony!)

This is great news and my big congratulations to Clare & Denise! I’m very proud to have my music win the award and hope the film gets more recognition for Clare & Denise’s great work.

My music wins Best Original Music award at the Angel Film Festival in MonacoYou can find out more about Wyllie O’Hagan’s film at the First Darkness Facebook page here. Click here for more details on the Angel Film Awards and here for the full list of 2010 winners -- I’m listed under the Short Film section.

First Darkness - excerpt
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Promo Video For Royalty Free Music Collection Vol.5 Cinematic Piano

Royalty Free Music For Documentary & Film Vol.5 (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s the promo video for my latest royalty free music collection: Royalty Free Film & Documentary Music Vol. 5: Cinematic Piano. The music collection contains 13 tracks (48 minutes) of dark cinematic and atmospheric royalty free piano music ideal for film and documentary makers.

The music styles range from gentle and melancholy to dark, eerie and dramatic along with some moments of light and reflection. You can buy the music collection as an instant wav or mp3 download from the shop here:

Royalty-Free Film & Documentary Music Vol. 5: Cinematic Piano

Once you’ve purchased the album, you also receive a royalty free license which allows you to use the music in all your films, documentaries, monetised YouTube videos etc. with no further licensing fees (or ‘royalties’) to pay. So you get a lifetime license to keep using the music in unlimited videos.

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Royalty Free Music Collection Vol.5 Now Available: Cinematic Piano

Royalty Free Music Vol.5The 5th volume of my low cost royalty free music collections for film & documentary makers is now available from my online shop.

Royalty Free Film & Documentary Music Vol.5: Cinematic Piano contains 13 tracks (48 minutes) of atmospheric, melancholy, tense, dark (and some lighter) piano tracks aimed at film and documentary makers looking for suitable music to use in their films at a low price with no additional licensing worries.

Listen to full previews of all 13 tracks and instantly buy and download the music as either an mp3 or wav download:

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My Dramatic Orchestral Track Titan Used In L.A. Lakers’ Opening Night Intro

LA Lakers v Houston Rockets Opening Intro October 2010
L.A. Lakers Intro Video 2010 #1 Feat. Music By Simon Wilkinson

My orchestral action track Titan was used in last night’s opening ceremony for basketball team the L.A. Lakers at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Among the crowd were Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington and David Beckham.

The music introduced the Lakers in this introductory video clip just before they played their first game of the NBA season against the Houston Rockets (the Lakers won 112-110; maybe the music gave them the edge ;)

Thanks to Peter Bailey at Sideshow Studios ( who wrote, directed and edited all the graphics and video for the promo.

You can get the full orchestral track Titan to download or license for use in your own projects from my mp3 shop here:

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Still Life: London In East End Promise Exhibition Featuring My Piano Track Leaving Paris

Still Life: London

The short film Still Life: London by artists Wyllie O’Hagan, which I provided the piano music track Leaving Paris for, is being featured in the East End Promise exhibition in London from the 9th to the 24th October (see a short clip from the film above).

East End Promise is “a multi-media event documenting and exploring the explosion of artistic and cultural activity that took place in London’s East End between 1985 and 2000″. For more details on the exhibition, check the East End Promise website at

“The moving image artwork, explores a quest for stillness in a hectic world. Two screens project moving images with piano soundtrack. One screen shows a personal collection of still, quiet life objects, beautifully considered and composed, revealed at a reflective pace. The second screen shows abstract energetic lines wildly drawn with light.”

Wyllie O’Hagan

Still Life: London has already had highly praised screenings at Toronto and London film festivals and has now been accepted in two more international festivals in Mexico and Melbourne:

Mexico’s Expresión en Corto International Film Festival

Melbourne International Animation Festival

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ITV Documentary Series Real Crime Featuring My Music

Real CrimeITV1’s Real Crime television documentary series will be featuring my music throughout the episode Bringing Down the Gooch -- Real Crime with Mark Austin to be broadcast nationally this Monday 27th September on ITV1.

This episode focuses on the story of the specialist police team who took down the leaders of feared criminals, Manchester’s Gooch Gang. The show airs on Monday 27th September at 22:35 on ITV1 and you’ll hear my music throughout!

Update: here’s the first of three parts of the show Bringing Down the Gooch – Real Crime with Mark Austin on YouTube (you should be able to find the other 2 parts of the show at the end of this clip, or just search for them on YouTube):

Real Crime: Bringing Down The Gooch Part 1

My music features throughout the documentary, alongside tracks from DJ Shadow and a few other pieces of music. If you’re interested in licensing any of my music for your own film or documentary, please get in touch here.

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Evolution The Grand Experiment Documentary Wins 3 Awards!

The Grand Experiment Wins Three Film Awards

The documentary film that I wrote the music soundtrack for, Evolution: The Grand Experiment, has just won 3 awards at the Visual Media Catalyst Conference held in St. Louis, Missouri.

The show picked up Crown Awards in three separate categories. The documentary won first place awards in Best Youth Film, first place in Best Curriculum, and second place in Best Documentary over $50,000.

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Dark Ambient Space Music Through The Ergosphere Promo Trailer

Dark Ambient Space Music: Through The Ergosphere by Simon Wilkinson

New promo video clip for my dark atmospheric ambient space music Through The Ergosphere. The track is a dark and slowly evolving seven minute atmospheric ambient soundscape set to a film of ethereal dark space visuals and other worldly imagery from the European Space Agency Hubble Telescope project.

Quietly dramatic, the music is ideal textural underscore for films and documentaries or simply for fans of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001, Brian Eno’s ambient music, Biosphere, Stars Of The Lid and other similar ambient artists and drones. Put it on headphones and drift away to dark and atmospheric sci-fi landscapes.

Get the full mp3 track or license the music for your film or documentary from my music shop: