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My Music Featured In H.P. Lovecraft App

Lovecraft Collection ® Volume 1: The beast in the cave

Some of my dark atmospheric horror music is featured in this beautiful app/ebook called Lovecraft Collection Vol.1: The Beast In The Cave from developers Designers Of Code.

The app is available on Android and iOS and is a beautifully designed interactive book featuring original artwork and stories from master cosmic horror author H.P. Lovecraft, readable in English, Spanish and French with original translations.

My music is used throughout to add an atmosphere of mystery and horror and I’m very pleased to have my work featured in such an attractively designed package!

“This was one of the best apps I have seen on the Kindle Fire thus far. I’m a huge Lovecraft fan and this definitely brings the story to life!! I highly recommend it! Looking forward for the newer stories. Illustrations are great, music and sound effects are great (highly recommend earphones), overall, a great app!!!!”

(Amazon reviewer)

You can get the app from the following links:


Amazon (Android)
Lovecraft Collection ® Volume 1