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New Dark And Atmospheric Royalty Free Horror Album Vol.7

Royalty Free Horror Music (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson: 13 Days Of Nightmares

Royalty Free Film & Documentary Music Vol.7: 13 Days Of NightmaresHere’s the new promo video for volume 7 in my royalty free music collection entitled 13 Days Of Nightmares. The collection includes 13 tracks (50 minutes) of dark atmospheric ambient soundscapes and background music suitable for dark documentaries and horror films.

The collection was inspired by the nightmarish atmosphere of dark psychological horror films like The Shining, Session 9 and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where the horror and dread is often implied and sensed rather than seen.

The images in the video above are from urbex photographer Andre Govia who specialises in photographic images from real life locations of abandoned mental asylums, institutions, hospitals and other buildings which have been left to decay without maintenance. Although these buildings have often fallen into a state of disrepair (sometimes dangerous to the public) there is a real sense of eerie beauty and the ominous history of the buildings as the architecture takes on its own life and atmosphere after it’s been left to fend for itself.

You can see more of Andre’s amazing work on Flickr:

The album 13 Days Of Nightmares is available as a wav or mp3 download for £39.99 from my website and after purchase can be used in an unlimited number of your own films and documentaries without needing to pay any more (see licensing info for full details):

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Horror Movie Trailer Featuring My Piano Music Cursed


My atmospheric instrumental piano track Cursed is featured in a new teaser trailer for upcoming horror film Screen by director David Paul Baker. Screen will be having some exclusive screenings at drive-in theatres in 2012.

Watch the teaser trailer for the movie above and you can also find more details about the movie and sign up for the mailing list at:

Cursed is also available as an mp3 download and  can be licensed at low cost for use in your own films, trailers and videos from my music shop: