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Teaser Video For ‘Unlonely’ Game Featuring My New Ambient Track ‘Spindrift’

UNLONELY - Game Teaser

Check out this teaser trailer for a cool looking new iOS game from Rinikulous Games called Unlonely. The video features a short clip of one of my new ambient space music tracks called Spindrift from my forthcoming ambient album which should be out sometime in the next few weeks.

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New iPhone Game Lonely Sun Featuring My Ambient Music

LONELY SUN - Be Gravity's Guiding Hand - Game Trailer (Out Now on iOS)

Check out this trailer for the new iPhone game Lonely Sun from Rinikulous Games which features some of my atmospheric ambient space music. Lonely Sun is a side scrolling game that puts you at the center of a fledgling solar system.

“All that stands between you and the fulfillment of a distant sun’s destiny are five unique, both visually and auditory, hand-crafted levels – one for each of the five levels. Every level divided into three stages has its own strange landscapes, distinct dangers, and gravitational forces to surmount on your way to building a complete star system.”

Lonely Sun (Rinikulous Games)

Get the game from the iTunes store here:

Follow Rinikulous Games and Lonely Sun here:

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Koi’s YouTube Channel For Minecraft Fans Featuring My Music

E40 - Designing the Skeleton XP Farm Building - Koi's Minecraft Bucket List

If you’re a fan of Minecraft, Nintendo or No Man’s Sky, why not take a look at Koi’s YouTube channel which is dedicated to all of these. It’s a family and kid-friendly channel where he regularly uploads videos on mods, tutorials and lots more and you’ll find a lot of my music used throughout the videos.

Check it out and subscribe here:

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Tom Baker Reads Poetry Over My Ambient Space Music For HCS Voice Packs!

The inimitable Tom Baker is heard reciting poetry over some of my ambient space music in this Soundcloud preview from HCS Voice Packs!

HCS Voice Packs provide audio overlay voice packs for games and space simulators such as Elite Dangerous, Voice Attack and more. Tom Baker is a legend in the acting world and obviously known for his iconic portrayal of Dr Who, so I’m honoured to have some of my music playing underneath his dulcet tones!

HCS have recorded a huge library of voice packs with other icons from legendary sci-fi shows and actors such as Blakes Seven, Brian Blessed and many more. Check out their websites:

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All Music Licenses Now Cover Mobile Apps & Games

Photo credit: Game Prototyping With Wooden Blocks & Pieces via photopin (license)

To simplify my licensing terms for apps & games developers, all my music licenses have now been updated to cover use in mobile apps & games (e.g. for Android or iOS developers).

So if you need some music for your game or mobile app you can now choose from any of my music licenses with prices starting at £9.99 for non-commercial use, £29.99 for commercial use or £39.99 for one of my multiple-use royalty free music collections. All of these will cover use of my music in your game or app, depending on your app and what type of license you need.

To sum it up briefly, my non-royalty free individual tracks (one-off use) are £9.99 if the app is free or £29.99 if the app is a commercial (paid) release. Then I also have royalty free album collections where you can use the music repeatedly in unlimited games, apps and any other audio visual productions commercially for £39.99.

And to simplify other parts of my licensing terms, I’ve also removed all terms that previously limited you to only being able to sell up to 1,000 copies of physical units of your productions (e.g. DVDs or Blu Rays of your films). When you now buy a commercial license or a royalty free collection, there are no longer any limits to the amount of physical releases of your films and productions you can sell! Unlimited!

If you have any questions about my licensing terms or using the music, take a look at the FAQs or licensing info, or please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.

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Android Puzzle App ‘Binary Challenge’ Features My Ambient Space Music

Binary Challenge game featuring my ambient space music

Here’s a cool new puzzler app for Android devices that features some of my ambient space music to help keep you focused while playing! Binary Challenge is a techy brain-game with a cool hi-tech look where you have to solve binary and hex numerical challenges. One for the more scientifically-minded!

It’s a free download from the Google Play store and comes from the awesome team at Increatly. Give it a try at the following link or just search for Binary Challenge on the Play store:

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Trailer For New Space-Based PC Game Distant Star Featuring My Music

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet Trailer

Here’s a new trailer for the space-based PC game Distant Star: Revenant Fleet from developers Blazing Griffin that features some of my music. Distant Star is a real-time, space-strategy game for PC, featuring fleet-based combat, a dynamically generated galaxy, and a different evolving narrative every time.

The game looks awesome so if you’re a fan of space-based strategy games, go check it out on the Blazing Griffin website where the game is in alpha for just £4.99 or help get the game on Steam here.

“Wisely choose the story path for your fleet, battle across a galaxy of lethal battlefields, and build up your ships, skills and equipping before launching a final, cataclysmic assault against your enemy.”

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My Music Featured In H.P. Lovecraft App

Lovecraft Collection ® Volume 1: The beast in the cave

Some of my dark atmospheric horror music is featured in this beautiful app/ebook called Lovecraft Collection Vol.1: The Beast In The Cave from developers Designers Of Code.

The app is available on Android and iOS and is a beautifully designed interactive book featuring original artwork and stories from master cosmic horror author H.P. Lovecraft, readable in English, Spanish and French with original translations.

My music is used throughout to add an atmosphere of mystery and horror and I’m very pleased to have my work featured in such an attractively designed package!

“This was one of the best apps I have seen on the Kindle Fire thus far. I’m a huge Lovecraft fan and this definitely brings the story to life!! I highly recommend it! Looking forward for the newer stories. Illustrations are great, music and sound effects are great (highly recommend earphones), overall, a great app!!!!”

(Amazon reviewer)

You can get the app from the following links:


Amazon (Android)
Lovecraft Collection ® Volume 1

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My Ambient Music Featured In New Xbox 360 Game StarDeath 3000

StarDeath 3000 promo video

My ambient music track Through The Ergosphere is featured as the soundtrack to a new Xbox 360 game called StarDeath 3000 from developers Beebapps: “In the vastness of the cosmos two huge entities are battling for control. They suck the life force from entire galaxies to use in the ultimate struggle against their nemesis…” You can buy the game for $1 (or 69p on the UK channel) or try a free demo of the game at the following links:

Full game:

Free trial version:

You can buy the track as an mp3 here on my site, and also license it for use in your own projects: