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‘Sex Dolls: Stoned Mode’ Video Uses My Eerie Music ‘The Raven’!

Sex Dolls | Stoned Mode

Here’s a slightly creepy and unusual video that I wouldn’t really have expected to hear my music in! Sex Dolls: Stoned Mode by the people over at the Super Deluxe YouTube channel is a short behind-the-scenes look at how sex dolls are made…

There’s no narration but my music track The Raven plays throughout giving a very unsettling and eerie atmosphere to what would probably otherwise be quite a lighthearted quirky video. If nothing else it goes to show how you can completely alter the feel of a video just by the use of music.

The Raven is available to download or license here on my site:

Sweet dreams!

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Music For Halloween Videos & Parties

Music for Halloween -- if you need some atmospheric music soundtracks for your Halloween videos, films, documentaries or parties there’s a selection of dark, creepy and eerie instrumental music in my music library that you can download for private use at your parties or license for public use in your Halloween videos.

From eerie soundscapes to haunting piano tracks there’s plenty of music to add some dark atmosphere this Halloween. Royalty free music collections are £39.99 while all other individual (non royalty free) tracks can be bought for 99p and licensed for non-commercial or commercial use in your films for £9.99 and £29.99 respectively.

Check out the licensing info for details. Listen to the preview clips in the music player above or head on over to my music download store where you can buy and instantly download the tracks or license them for use in your projects right now. Click here to see all the Halloween themed music tracks in my music download store.

Royalty Free Horror Music (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson: 13 Days Of Nightmares

The clip on the right is a promo video for Volume 7 of my royalty free music collections called 13 Days Of Nightmares set to eerie images of abandoned hospitals, psychiatric wards and mental institutions.

The music from Vol.7 is full of dark atmospheric background sounds, creepy and disturbing ambience, twisted underscores and haunting drones and dark soundscapes straight out of your worst nightmares…

If you hear anything you like in the music player above, you can find it here in the dark recesses of the horror music section: