Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music for documentaries & film from composer Simon Wilkinson. These music collections are aimed at film and documentary makers looking for quality atmospheric background music that’s pre-licensed and ready to use in all their productions for a simple price.

Paying the one-time purchase price gives you a lifetime license to use the music in all your work without needing to pay a new fee (or ‘royalty’) each time you want to use the music in a new video. You can sell your films on DVDs or downloads, broadcast them on worldwide TV as well as using the music in monetised YouTube videos, mobile apps, trailers etc. So you can earn money from your work and don’t need to ever pay me anything more than the initial purchase price of £39.99.

Listen to short preview clips from each collection below or click each album for a fuller description, example videos and full length previews of all tracks.

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