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Spain Time Lapse Video From Martien Janssen Featuring Tempest

Following on from Martien Janssen‘s last time lapse video The Weather which featured some of my royalty free piano music, here’s another really nice atmospheric video filmed in southeast Spain and featuring my orchestral track Tempest.

“This trip was all about getting up before sunrise, catching every sunset and traveling or relaxing during daytime. Land- and seascapes were beautiful and I’ve really come to love the wild coast and wild west country, where Sergio Leone once filmed the legendary westerns.”

Martien Janssen

I particularly like the igloo-style accomodation! See more of Martien’s photography and design at

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Weather Time Lapse Film From Martien Janssen Featuring My Piano Music

Here’s a really nice new moody time lapse short film from Martien Janssen featuring lots of atmospheric cloud shots and weather, all shot in The Netherlands. The accompanying music is my track The Waiting from volume 1 of my royalty free music collections.

“The forecast was ‘good’, so me and my buddy Pyropix headed out and captured some wild footage during the day when 2 storms passed right over us. I shot almost 5000 shots in 24 scenes from 2pm to 11 pm, at several locations, using a D700 and D800 with a Emotimo TB3 dolly for movement.”

Martien Janssen

Martien Janssen photographer and designerMartien is a talented freelance photographer and graphic designer from Utrecht in The Netherlands.

See more of his graphic design and photography work over at his website Zy-Co Design & Photo:

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Time Lapse Stars, Auroras And Supercells From Dean Gill Featuring My Music

Here’s some stunning time lapse video clips of supercell storms, stars and auroras from Dean Gill and featuring my music tracks Tempest and Falling Down. The videos come from various locations around the world including Italy, France and the US.

Check out more of Dean’s great photography here:

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Exuma Film Featuring My Music Available On Blu Ray And DVD

Here’s the trailer for photographer and filmmaker Colin Ruggiero‘s film Exuma which features some of my music and is now available to order on Blu Ray and DVD from the Exuma film website.

“Prepare to hold your breath and dive into a thousand shades of blue  on an exploration of the Exuma Cays – a tiny string of pearls tucked away in the middle of the 3,000 other islands that make up the Bahamas.  Shot entirely in HD, the film uses innovative underwater and time-lapse photography to capture the surreal beauty of the Exumas through the eyes of a young woman who lives there.  Through Susanna’s eyes, we are given a window into a world few people have ever seen.  Welcome to Exuma.”

Colin Ruggiero

More info here:

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Dakotalapse Time Lapse Music Gallery

Here’s a YouTube playlist of all the stunning Dakotalapse time lapse films, trailers and short clips from photographer Randy Halverson that have featured my music. Some of the tracks were custom scored soundtracks for the films and others were taken from my existing library of atmospheric music.

The first video in the list below is my promo for the music collection you can buy which contains most of the tracks used in the films. The music collection is available as an mp3 album download from my own site here or also from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Play.

Check out Randy’s website at

Playlist: Dakotalapse videos feat music by composer Simon Wilkinson

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Abandoned House Time Lapse Film Featuring My Royalty Free Horror Music

Abandoned Mansion House Time Lapse Creepy

This eerie time lapse film of an abandoned house in the woods is from photographer Andre Govia who specialises in photography capturing abandoned houses, hospitals, mental asylums, schools and other buildings with a stunning sense of beauty in decay.

Royalty Free Horror Music (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson: 13 Days Of Nightmares

The music used in the video above is called Day 4 and is from my Royalty Free Collection Vol.7 (13 Days Of Nightmares) which is aimed at providing atmospheric background music for documentary and horror film makers.

The promo video for the album can be seen here on the right and also uses some of Andre’s amazing photographs to illustrate the dark sense of atmosphere and unease in the music.

Andre’s photographs and images are absolutely beautiful in their use of texture, colour and eerie atmosphere and you can see more of his amazing work on his Flickr and Facebook pages below:

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Night Visions: Astro La Palma Time Lapse Film Featuring My Music

Night Visions: Astro La Palma (6 min short film)

Here’s the full 6 minute time lapse film Night Visions: Astro La Palma from Daniel Lowe at Star Mountain Media which features some of my music in the soundtrack. Daniel’s written a detailed blog entry about the making of the film over on his website here.

“I hope that you enjoy the film, creating it was definitely a highlight experience in my life that I will always remember.”

Daniel Lowe

Check out more links to Daniel’s work here: 

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Night Visions: Astro La Palma (Time Lapse Trailer) By Daniel Lowe

Night Visions: Astro La Palma (trailer)

Here’s the trailer for a great new time lapse film from photographer and filmmaker Daniel Lowe at Star Mountain Media. Daniel has licensed music from me previously for his excellent time lapse piece Outer Banks and this new film is just as stunning to watch. The trailer features my track Sabotage from volume 6 of my royalty free music collection Dark Matter.

“It was filmed over 14 days (and nights) on the island of La Palma, Spain off the coast of Africa. I’ll be writing a blog entry soon with more personal details about my trip.  Until then, please enjoy the video trailer.”

Daniel Lowe

Daniel has lots of great time lapse clips, stock footage and photography you can license for use in your own projects over at his website so go check it out:

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Clip From Documentary Exuma Featuring Some Of My Music

Fish Personalities

Here’s a short clip from a new documentary film by Colin Ruggiero called Exuma that features some of my music. The film features some stunning underwater and time lapse photography:

“The Exumas are a string of small islands in the Bahamas. “Exuma” is the first film to highlight the beauty of these remote “out islands.” The film is a view into this surreal world of sand, sky and water through the eyes and thoughts of a young woman who lives there. Underwater and time-lapse imagery are used to show a side of the Exumas that few people, even those lucky enough to have visited, have ever seen.”

Colin Ruggiero

Find out more about Exuma here: