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Time Lapse Video Surreal Journey Featuring My Music Scorpio

Here’s another awesome time lapse film featuring my music in the soundtrack. This excellent piece from photographer Ben Chase is called Surreal Journey and uses my licensed track Scorpio. Ben describes his work:

“From the late-night departures in inclement weather to the exploring of distant unmarked roads, my pursuit of photography is often a “Surreal Journey”. This was produced from footage and time-lapse frames taken in the Northwest Territories, Wyoming, Washington State, and Montana.”

Ben Chase

Read Ben’s blog entry about this piece here and check out his website

Scorpio is available to download as an mp3 or license from my shop here.

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New Dakotalapse Time Lapse Video Temporal Distortion Featuring My Music

Temporal Distortion

Here’s the latest stunning time lapse film from Randy Halverson at Dakotalapse called Temporal Distortion. The online clip above features an awesome original custom score written especially for the piece by acclaimed composer Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Eureka etc.)

There is also a longer extended version of the film (over 23 minutes) available to download from the Dakotalapse website here which uses all my music including 2 new pieces written especially for it, as well as other music from my royalty free collections. Below is a short collection of excerpts from the extended film using one of the tracks I wrote for it called Shadowland (the full track is over 8 mins):

The film incorporates stunning time lapse footage of the Milky Way, Aurora and other night time lapse scenes. There is no CGI -- what you see is real, but you can’t see it this way with the naked eye. It is the result of 20-30 second exposures, edited together over many hours to produce the time lapse. This allows you to see the Milky Way, Aurora and other phenomena, in a way you wouldn’t normally see them. See more of Randy’s phenomenal photography and films at

The new tracks written for the extended cut are culled Shadowland and Soma and available to download from my store:

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Fall Time Lapse Video Featuring My Music Outpost 31

Another beautiful time lapse film from Eric Hines, this one’s called Fall Timelapse Collection and features my music track Outpost 31. Outpost 31 is a dark, dramatic and atmospheric instrumental soundtrack with an epic, atmospheric, icy winter feel.

You can download the track or license it for use in your own films, trailers and videos from my online music shop here:

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New Dakotalapse Time Lapse Video Featuring My Music Tempest

Here’s another new time lapse video from Randy Halverson at Dakotalapse which I provided a new custom scored piece of music and sound effects for. The video is called Tempest Milky Way and my track is called, suitably enough, Tempest.  This is another stunning piece of astronomy time lapse footage shot in South Dakota from June-August 2011.

Tempest by Simon WilkinsonTempest is a dramatic orchestral piece which moves through rising chord progressions of spiccato strings, horns and double bass to build to an atmospheric climax.

The music is available as an mp3 download from my music store (with or without the wind, thunder & lightning SFX). It can also be licensed instantly at low cost for use in your own videos and trailers.

Get the mp3 download, as well as see licensing details here:

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New Time Lapse Video Featuring My Royalty Free Music Atlantis

The Milky Way - Time Lapse Montage (HD)

Another talented photographer has created a new time lapse video featuring more of my music. This time Harley Grady has created a piece called The Milky Way which uses my track Atlantis as the soundtrack (Atlantis can be found on my Royalty Free Music Collection Volume 2).

Harley’s Milky Way video consists of a series of time lapse videos shot between October 2010 and July 2011. You can read details of the equipment he used in the Youtube video description here.

Check out Harley’s Youtube channel for lots more time lapse videos and you can also see still photos from his work on Flickr.

If you’d like to license any of my music for your own videos, films or documentaries, I have a library of music in a range of styles from dark atmospheric ambient soundscapes to dramatic orchestral action tracks and many more, all available from my music download shop here.

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New Time Lapse Video Featuring My Music Outpost 31

Night Motion Timelapse: Outer Banks

After my previous music work on Randy Halverson‘s time lapse videos (which featured my licensed music track Scorpio and the custom-written ambient orchestral piece Exodus), here’s another stunning time lapse video from a different filmmaker, this time featuring my track Outpost 31.

The filmmaker here is Daniel Lowe of Daniel Dragon Films ( and the film is a beautiful piece called Night Motion Timelapse: Outer Banks. Full details along with features on the making of the film can be found on Daniel’s Vimeo page.

Outpost 31 by Simon WilkinsonOutpost 31 is a dark and epic atmospheric instrumental track featuring strings, electronica, drum breaks and percussive electronics.

The music has an epic, atmospheric, icy winter feel with a sense of impending danger or survival that would work well for geographic, nature or history TV trailers.

The music is available to buy from my mp3 shop, and is also available to license for your own films, Youtube videos, trailers and documentaries  at the following link:

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New Dakotalapse Time Lapse Video Featuring My Music Exodus

After licensing my track Scorpio for use in his beautiful time lapse video Sub Zero a few months back, here’s Randy Halverson‘s latest time lapse video called Plains Milky Way for which I wrote some music specifically for the soundtrack.

This is a stunning piece of astronomy time lapse filming shot in South Dakota; ten seconds of video is about 2 hours 20 minutes in real time. The video has been gathering critical acclaim from a wide range of websites including WiredNational Geographic and The Telegraph, amongst many others. You can read more detailed information on how Randy filmed his work over at his website and you can also now buy a downloadable HD version of the video from Randy’s store here.

Exodus by Simon WilkinsonI wrote the atmospheric orchestral music track Exodus specifically for this piece and the music is available to buy as an mp3 download from my online shop.

It can also be licensed for use in your own films, videos and trailers, along with all my other tracks and royalty-free music collections.

Get the mp3 download of the music track Exodus here and also license it for use in your own projects:

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My Music Track Scorpio Used In Dakotalapse Time Lapse Video Sub Zero

Sub Zero - winter night timelapse - watch in HD

My track Scorpio has been licensed for use in a beautiful time lapse video called Sub Zero by Randy Halverson at

Scorpio is a dramatic instrumental  music track which can be licensed for commercial or non-commercial use in your own films and videos, or just to buy as an mp3 download from my store at the link below. It’s also available to buy from iTunes (check out the links below) or feel free to get in touch if you have any licensing questions here.

Get the mp3 from my shop:

Get the mp3 from iTunes: