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New Time Lapse Film From SicilyΔLapse Featuring My Piano Music

Earthquake Δ Valle del Belice

Here’s a beautiful, atmospheric and touching new time lapse video from the wonderful SicilyLapse filmmakers illustrating the sad events of 1968’s earthquake in Western Sicily:

“On 15 January 1968 a violent earthquake affected a wide area of western Sicily, involving dozens of countries, especially those of the Belice Valley. We counted 370 dead, 1,000 injured and about 70,000 displaced persons.”


The video uses my royalty free piano music track The Falling Snow and you can see more work from SicilyLapse on their Vimeo pages or main website:

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Music Composed For Full Length Dakotalapse Time Lapse Film Horizons

Horizons Full Length Dakotalapse Time Lapse Film With Soundtrack Composed By Simon WilkinsonI’ve just finished composing the music soundtrack to the new full length Dakotalapse time lapse film Horizons by Randy Halverson.

Horizons is a stunning 31 minute film of time lapse photography shot mostly in South Dakota and also at Devils Tower in Wyoming. You can buy a download of the full length film featuring my track in stunning HD from the link below.

The music I custom composed for the film is a continuous 30 minute atmospheric ambient music track called Frozen White Light which is available to buy and license for use in your own films, documentaries and YouTube videos over in my online shop.

There’s a trailer for the full length film with music by Bear McCreary here or you can buy the full length 30 minute film with my soundtrack over on

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New Time Lapse Film Featuring My Music Wins 1st Prize!

A new time lapse short film from wildlife photographer Marsel van Oosten which features my music has won 1st prize at the Travel Photographer of the Year awards.

Namibian Nights is a short but beautiful piece (video entries in the competition were limited to a maximum length of one minute) and features my piano music track Leaving Paris. You can see more of Marsel’s beautiful photography work on his website or on his Facebook page here.

Leaving Paris is available to download or license for use in your own projects here.

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Dakotalapse Time Lapse Teaser Video Featuring Nebula Drift

Some teaser clips from the new upcoming Dakotalapse time lapse film Horizons. The video above features my ambient space music track Nebula Drift. The extended cut which is available for download from Dakotalapse features a specially written 30 minute long ambient music track of mine called Frozen White Light.

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New Time Lapse Video Featuring My Music: The Harder Ground

Under The Texas Sky - Milky Way Time Lapse

Here’s a beautiful new time lapse film called Under The Texas Sky from photographer Harley Grady that features my piano music track The Harder Ground. Harley has many more excellent time lapse videos that you can see on his Youtube channel here.

The Harder Ground is available to license as a soundtrack for your own films or just to buy and download from my shop here:

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My Time Lapse Music Collection Now On iTunes & Amazon

Atmospheric Time Lapse Music From The Dakotalapse Films Of Randy Halverson

A Momentary Lapse: Music From The Time Lapse Films Of Randy Halverson by Simon WilkinsonMy collection of music from the Dakotalapse time lapse films by Randy Halverson ( is now also available to download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify, as well as directly here on my own website.

The 11 track collection features 45 minutes of atmospheric and dramatic music from the Dakotalapse films and is called ‘A Momentary Lapse: Music From The Time Lapse Films Of Randy Halverson‘.

You can buy it from any of the links below or just search for me (Simon Wilkinson) directly in iTunes.

Click here to buy from iTunes

Click here to buy from

Click here to buy from

Click here to stream on Spotify

Click here to buy on Google Play

Click here to buy directly from me here at

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Trailer For Documentary Film Exuma Featuring My Music

Here’s a trailer for a new documentary film by Colin Ruggiero called Exuma which features some of my music. As you can see from the trailer, the film features some beautiful underwater photography and time lapse footage all shot in HD:

“Prepare to hold your breath and dive into a thousand shades of blue on an exploration of the Exuma Cays – a tiny string of pearls tucked away in the middle of the 3,000 other islands that make up the Bahamas.  Shot entirely in HD, the film uses innovative underwater and time-lapse photography to capture the surreal beauty of the Exumas through the eyes of a young woman who lives there. Through Susanna’s eyes, we are given a window into a world few people have ever seen. Welcome to Exuma.”

Colin Ruggiero

Find out more about the film at

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My New Music Compilation Album From The Dakotalapse Films

Atmospheric Time Lapse Music From The Dakotalapse Films Of Randy Halverson

A new mp3 music compilation album is now available to download of all my music that’s been used so far in the soundtracks to the Dakotalapse time lapse films and trailers from photographer Randy Halverson.

The collection is called A Momentary Lapse: Music From The Films Of Randy Halverson and contains 11 atmospheric and dramatic tracks, as well as  a 10 page liner notes pdf. You can hear short excerpts from all the included tracks by watching the promo video above or visit the album page (see link) where you can play full-length previews of all the tracks and buy the instant download collection of CD-quality 320 kbps mp3s.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

Scorpio, Shadow Watch, Exodus, Eclipse, Tempest, Shadowland, Soma, Atlantis, Reflections, From An Ember To A Sun, Chrome Skies

You can buy the album directly from my shop or from iTunes, Amazon etc. at the following links:


Google Play


Please note: the album is for personal listening only and the download does not include any license for use in any other videos or projects. If you would like to use any tracks in your own videos, please ensure you also buy the relevant license. See more of Randy’s stunning time lapse work and photography at his website: