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New Royalty Free Ambient Space Music Collection: Deep Space Ambient

Royalty Free Ambient Space Music (promo video) For Documentary & Film by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s the promo video for my latest royalty free music collection called Deep Space Ambient. In the 8th of my royalty free music series I’ve focused on ambient space music to give 10 tracks (75 minutes) of atmospheric and ethereal interstellar instrumental music for film and documentary makers.

The collection is intended to be ideal background music for documentaries, feature films, galleries, YouTube videos and other visual projects which need a deep immersive soundtrack. You’ll find shimmering ambient soundscapes, floating piano, dark sound design and epic layers of textural audio with no distracting drums or percussion. Ideal to add atmosphere and ambience to your documentaries and videos, whether the subject is outer space or not.

You can watch the promo video above featuring short clips from all 10 tracks on the album to get an idea of the sound or hear full length previews of all the tracks in the shop:

Full licensing details are in the Licensing Info section or contact me if you have any questions.

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Hendrik Vermeulen Couture Video By Eric Uys Featuring My Piano Music

Hendrik Vermeulen Couture

A short company profile video made by award winning photographer and filmmaker Eric Uys for Haute Couture fashion brand Hendrik Vermeulen Couture in Cape Town, South Africa and featuring some of my royalty free piano music.

You can see more of Eric’s great fashion, portrait and art photography at the following sites:

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Teaser Video For New Royalty Free Ambient Space Music Collection

Ambient Space Music | Royalty Free Music Vol.8 Teaser

Here’s a short preview video teaser for my upcoming Royalty Free Music Collection Volume 8 which focuses on atmospheric ambient space music. Like the previous collections, the music is aimed at film and documentary makers looking for atmospheric background music to use in their films, trailers, documentaries and YouTube videos without having to worry about repeat licensing fees.

For a one time payment of £39.99 the music can be used in as many of your films and videos without needing to pay each time the music is used in a new project. Coming soon, Volume 8 will feature atmospheric and evolving organic soundscapes, ethereal background musical textures, drones and a deep collection of intricate sound worlds and engaging aural space landscapes and journeys to add depth and focus to your projects.

The general theme of the music is obviously based around space travel, astronomy and other worldly audio textures and landscapes, but the music will also be suitable for a wide range of subjects for your films & documentaries including science, nature, time lapse, photography, wildlife, landscapes, art installations, human interest stories and much more. Fans of films such as 2001, Blade Runner and Gravity should hopefully find something of interest here!

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Abandoned House Time Lapse Film Featuring My Royalty Free Horror Music

Abandoned Mansion House Time Lapse Creepy

This eerie time lapse film of an abandoned house in the woods is from photographer Andre Govia who specialises in photography capturing abandoned houses, hospitals, mental asylums, schools and other buildings with a stunning sense of beauty in decay.

Royalty Free Horror Music (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson: 13 Days Of Nightmares

The music used in the video above is called Day 4 and is from my Royalty Free Collection Vol.7 (13 Days Of Nightmares) which is aimed at providing atmospheric background music for documentary and horror film makers.

The promo video for the album can be seen here on the right and also uses some of Andre’s amazing photographs to illustrate the dark sense of atmosphere and unease in the music.

Andre’s photographs and images are absolutely beautiful in their use of texture, colour and eerie atmosphere and you can see more of his amazing work on his Flickr and Facebook pages below:

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New Horror Short Film Featuring My Music: The Horror Of Green Mountain

The Horror of Green Mountain eps1

Royalty Free Film & Documentary Music Vol.7: 13 Days Of NightmaresEclipse by Simon WilkinsonHere’s a new eerie zombie horror film from Mark Wojcik at nnuu films featuring some of my dark atmospheric music.

The Horror Of Green Mountain is a short CGI animated film with a dark unsettling atmosphere.

The music featured in the video is licensed from my royalty free music collection Volume 7: 13 Days Of Nightmares as well as the track Eclipse. Both of these are available to buy here on my website at the following links:

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Promo Video For Royalty Free Music Collection Vol.4: Dramas & Thrillers

Royalty Free Music For Film & Documentary Vol.4: Dramas & Thrillers (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s a promo video for my Royalty Free music collection Volume 4: Dramas & Thrillers. This 11 track (45 minute) collection of music is aimed at film and documentary makers looking for dark and atmospheric music for their dramas and thrillers.

The music styles include tense and dramatic fight music, eerie piano, atmospheric ambient soundscapes, dark pulsing electronica and more emotional and dramatic music. Once you buy any of my royalty free collections, you can then keep on using the music in all your films, videos and trailers without having to pay again.

There are currently 7 volumes of royalty free music available in my shop with more coming in the future. Get volume 4 here:

Or buy the whole collection and get a 30% discount on the entire collection:

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Music For Halloween Videos & Parties

Music for Halloween -- if you need some atmospheric music soundtracks for your Halloween videos, films, documentaries or parties there’s a selection of dark, creepy and eerie instrumental music in my music library that you can download for private use at your parties or license for public use in your Halloween videos.

From eerie soundscapes to haunting piano tracks there’s plenty of music to add some dark atmosphere this Halloween. Royalty free music collections are £39.99 while all other individual (non royalty free) tracks can be bought for 99p and licensed for non-commercial or commercial use in your films for £9.99 and £29.99 respectively.

Check out the licensing info for details. Listen to the preview clips in the music player above or head on over to my music download store where you can buy and instantly download the tracks or license them for use in your projects right now. Click here to see all the Halloween themed music tracks in my music download store.

Royalty Free Horror Music (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson: 13 Days Of Nightmares

The clip on the right is a promo video for Volume 7 of my royalty free music collections called 13 Days Of Nightmares set to eerie images of abandoned hospitals, psychiatric wards and mental institutions.

The music from Vol.7 is full of dark atmospheric background sounds, creepy and disturbing ambience, twisted underscores and haunting drones and dark soundscapes straight out of your worst nightmares…

If you hear anything you like in the music player above, you can find it here in the dark recesses of the horror music section:

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New Dark And Atmospheric Royalty Free Horror Album Vol.7

Royalty Free Horror Music (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson: 13 Days Of Nightmares

Royalty Free Film & Documentary Music Vol.7: 13 Days Of NightmaresHere’s the new promo video for volume 7 in my royalty free music collection entitled 13 Days Of Nightmares. The collection includes 13 tracks (50 minutes) of dark atmospheric ambient soundscapes and background music suitable for dark documentaries and horror films.

The collection was inspired by the nightmarish atmosphere of dark psychological horror films like The Shining, Session 9 and the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where the horror and dread is often implied and sensed rather than seen.

The images in the video above are from urbex photographer Andre Govia who specialises in photographic images from real life locations of abandoned mental asylums, institutions, hospitals and other buildings which have been left to decay without maintenance. Although these buildings have often fallen into a state of disrepair (sometimes dangerous to the public) there is a real sense of eerie beauty and the ominous history of the buildings as the architecture takes on its own life and atmosphere after it’s been left to fend for itself.

You can see more of Andre’s amazing work on Flickr:

The album 13 Days Of Nightmares is available as a wav or mp3 download for £39.99 from my website and after purchase can be used in an unlimited number of your own films and documentaries without needing to pay any more (see licensing info for full details):

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New Promo Video For My Royalty Free Music Collection Vol.3

Royalty Free Music for Documentaries & Film Vol.3 (preview clips) by composer Simon Wilkinson

This is a promo video for my music collection Royalty Free Music Volume 3: Animated Antics, aimed at film and documentary makers. The music would work well for a wide range of subjects but is ideally suited for films and documentaries about science, nature, wildlife, travel or human interest.

You can buy the collection as an instant full quality wav download from my website for £39.99. Once purchased, you can keep using the music in unlimited films and documentaries without having to pay again:

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New Atmospheric Royalty Free Music Collection: Vol. 6 Dark Matter

Royalty Free Music For Documentary & Film Vol.6 (promo video) by Simon Wilkinson

I’ve just released a new collection of royalty free music available from my website store. Royalty-Free Film & Documentary Music Vol. 6: Dark Matter is a collection of 17 tracks of atmospheric music ideal for documentaries with dark subject matter, e.g. crime, investigation, conspiracy, betrayal, intrigue etc.

It could also be useful for films and trailers needing a soundtrack with dark music and textures. You can watch the promo clip above which features short extracts from each of the 17 tracks to give you an idea of the style of music. Or head to the shop to hear full length previews of all the tracks where you can buy the collection in mp3 or wav format for just £39.99:

Simon Wilkinson: Royalty Free Film & Documentary Music Vol. 6: Dark MatterAll my royalty free music collections include a license which means you can keep using the music in as many of your films, documentaries, trailers and videos as you like without having to pay any further fees each time you use it.

The included royalty free license covers use on Youtube, Vimeo or Facebook videos, commercial or personal websites, trailers, DVDs etc. (full details of the licensing info is in the store here). And if you buy the complete collection of all my royalty free music, you’ll automatically receive a 30% discount on the total price.