Total running time: 74:57 (10 tracks)
Tempo: Various/Slow

Deep Space Ambient is a royalty free collection of atmospheric ambient space music, ethereal electronic soundscapes, interstellar alien sound design, textures and dark drones.

Written especially for documentary and filmmakers looking for high quality atmospheric ambient background music for their film and video soundtracks.

This 8th volume in my series of royalty free music features 10 long tracks (75 minutes in total) plus a license to use the music in all your documentaries, films, trailers and YouTube videos without needing to pay any further fees (or ‘royalties’) each time the music is used in a new project.

Ranging from epic sweeping vistas of atmospheric spacescapes to gentle floating ambient piano notes and shimmering layers of deep space sound design and drones. This collection of longform organic instrumental tracks will take you on an interstellar journey through mystical immersive sound worlds and interplanetary discoveries of the Milky Way and beyond. Although the music has a space theme it would also be suitable atmospheric background music for other styles of documentaries and films including science, nature, human interest etc.

Royalty Free Space Music For Documentary & Film Vol.8: Deep Space Ambient:

Listen to full length previews of all the tracks in the music player above or watch the promo video on the right set to outer space visuals.

Dark, dramatic and atmospheric music specially composed for use in your documentaries, films, trailers, YouTube videos, astrophotography time lapse films, mobile and video games, photography slideshows etc. from film and documentary composer Simon Wilkinson.

Full of otherworldly soundscapes and textural clusters the music is inspired by astronomy, outer space, insterstellar encounters, abandoned space stations and epic galactic voyages. If you’re a fan of lush visual sci-fi movies or ambient soundtracks like Vangelis’ Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Sunshine, Moon, Gravity or Brian Eno’s Apollo you’ll feel at home in this deep space audio environment.

Whether it’s for TV broadcast, full length feature films, student shorts, trailers, festival entries, personal websites, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. (and up to 1,000 physical copies for retail DVD, Blu Ray, cartridge sales etc.) – click here for full licensing details.

The album containing the 10 full tracks will be automatically available to download after purchase. You can select from mp3 or wav from the dropdown option below and if you’re buying from a country outside of the UK, Paypal will automatically convert the amount from your currency to British Pounds so you can buy from anywhere in the world.

Tracklisting: Mission Approach (5:14) | The Karman Line (7:47) | Lightscape (7:17) | Outer Field Static (11:22) | Adrift (6:13) | Abandoned Orbital Station (10:12) | Heart Of The Sun (7:42) | Heat Death (7:24) | Beyond The Stars (3:55) | New World Dawn (7:46)

Music & royalty free license included in the price

Great value – most royalty free music companies would charge you the same price for just one stock music track. Get all the 10 tracks (75 minutes) including the full license to use this music in an unlimited number of your films and projects from a dedicated film composer for one low cost payment. Simply choose between wav or mp3 format below and you can start using the music today.

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Note: if buying a license this is just the pdf license file so please ensure you also add the mp3 to your cart (e.g. £0.99 + £29.99) as the license does not include the music mp3 (this only applies to single tracks and not the Royalty Free collections which include both the music and the license).


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