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Teaser Video For New Royalty Free Ambient Space Music Collection

Ambient Space Music | Royalty Free Music Vol.8 Teaser

Here’s a short preview video teaser for my upcoming Royalty Free Music Collection Volume 8 which focuses on atmospheric ambient space music. Like the previous collections, the music is aimed at film and documentary makers looking for atmospheric background music to use in their films, trailers, documentaries and YouTube videos without having to worry about repeat licensing fees.

For a one time payment of £39.99 the music can be used in as many of your films and videos without needing to pay each time the music is used in a new project. Coming soon, Volume 8 will feature atmospheric and evolving organic soundscapes, ethereal background musical textures, drones and a deep collection of intricate sound worlds and engaging aural space landscapes and journeys to add depth and focus to your projects.

The general theme of the music is obviously based around space travel, astronomy and other worldly audio textures and landscapes, but the music will also be suitable for a wide range of subjects for your films & documentaries including science, nature, time lapse, photography, wildlife, landscapes, art installations, human interest stories and much more. Fans of films such as 2001, Blade Runner and Gravity should hopefully find something of interest here!