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New Royalty Free Ambient Space Music Collection: Deep Space Ambient

Royalty Free Ambient Space Music (promo video) For Documentary & Film by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s the promo video for my latest royalty free music collection called Deep Space Ambient. In the 8th of my royalty free music series I’ve focused on ambient space music to give 10 tracks (75 minutes) of atmospheric and ethereal interstellar instrumental music for film and documentary makers.

The collection is intended to be ideal background music for documentaries, feature films, galleries, YouTube videos and other visual projects which need a deep immersive soundtrack. You’ll find shimmering ambient soundscapes, floating piano, dark sound design and epic layers of textural audio with no distracting drums or percussion. Ideal to add atmosphere and ambience to your documentaries and videos, whether the subject is outer space or not.

You can watch the promo video above featuring short clips from all 10 tracks on the album to get an idea of the sound or hear full length previews of all the tracks in the shop:

Full licensing details are in the Licensing Info section or contact me if you have any questions.