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New Time Lapse Video Featuring My Royalty Free Music Atlantis

The Milky Way - Time Lapse Montage (HD)

Another talented photographer has created a new time lapse video featuring more of my music. This time Harley Grady has created a piece called The Milky Way which uses my track Atlantis as the soundtrack (Atlantis can be found on my Royalty Free Music Collection Volume 2).

Harley’s Milky Way video consists of a series of time lapse videos shot between October 2010 and July 2011. You can read details of the equipment he used in the Youtube video description here.

Check out Harley’s Youtube channel for lots more time lapse videos and you can also see still photos from his work on Flickr.

If you’d like to license any of my music for your own videos, films or documentaries, I have a library of music in a range of styles from dark atmospheric ambient soundscapes to dramatic orchestral action tracks and many more, all available from my music download shop here.