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New Time Lapse Video Featuring My Music Outpost 31

Night Motion Timelapse: Outer Banks

After my previous music work on Randy Halverson‘s time lapse videos (which featured my licensed music track Scorpio and the custom-written ambient orchestral piece Exodus), here’s another stunning time lapse video from a different filmmaker, this time featuring my track Outpost 31.

The filmmaker here is Daniel Lowe of Daniel Dragon Films ( and the film is a beautiful piece called Night Motion Timelapse: Outer Banks. Full details along with features on the making of the film can be found on Daniel’s Vimeo page.

Outpost 31 by Simon WilkinsonOutpost 31 is a dark and epic atmospheric instrumental track featuring strings, electronica, drum breaks and percussive electronics.

The music has an epic, atmospheric, icy winter feel with a sense of impending danger or survival that would work well for geographic, nature or history TV trailers.

The music is available to buy from my mp3 shop, and is also available to license for your own films, Youtube videos, trailers and documentaries  at the following link: