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Arrow Of Time – Milky Way Time Lapse Collection By Harley Grady

Arrow Of Time - Milky Way Time Lapse Collection

Can’t believe I don’t seem to have posted about this video here before but perhaps it just slipped through the cracks at a busy time when it was released. It’s a gorgeous Milky Way time lapse video from photographer and filmmaker Harley Grady that features my music track Shadowland.

“This video is a collection of Milky Way time lapse videos that I have shot from 2010-2013. It has been really fun doing so, and I decided to put all of my footage together in one long video to represent what I have done so far.”

Harley Grady

It’s a really beautiful video with some lovely star trails and astrophotography time lapse and I think it fits together with the music perfectly. You can see more of Harley’s work and license his footage from the following links:

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Mission Point, Michigan By Chris Penney (Dogbyte Films)

Shooting test footage with the Black Magic 4K Production camera. Mission Point, Michigan.

Some lovely 4k footage of nature and tranquil scenery shot on a cloudy day in Mission Point, Michigan by filmmaker Chris Penney. Chris is a talented and passionate filmmaker from Grand Rapids who makes feature films, documentaries and commercial productions through his own production company Dogbyte Films.

I’m honoured to have had some of my music used by Chris in some of his previous film work. If you need any kind of commercial production or film work done, Chris is an experienced and well-equipped filmmaker so get in touch with him:

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Summer Skies: 4K Ultra HD Timelapse Compilation By Andrias Joensen

Summer Skies - 4K Ultra HD Timelapse Compilation

Great new time lapse video from photographer Andrias Joensen at AHJ Photography that features music from my royalty free music collection Volume 8 (Deep Space Ambient).

“This new timelapse compilation focuses on the many Sun sequences, mainly sunsets, I’ve shot , mostly in 2015, but also a few from 2014. There’s also a sequence from the March 20th Solar Eclipse.”

Andrias Joensen

You can see more of Andrias’ work at the following sites:

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Spain Time Lapse Video From Martien Janssen Featuring Tempest

Following on from Martien Janssen‘s last time lapse video The Weather which featured some of my royalty free piano music, here’s another really nice atmospheric video filmed in southeast Spain and featuring my orchestral track Tempest.

“This trip was all about getting up before sunrise, catching every sunset and traveling or relaxing during daytime. Land- and seascapes were beautiful and I’ve really come to love the wild coast and wild west country, where Sergio Leone once filmed the legendary westerns.”

Martien Janssen

I particularly like the igloo-style accomodation! See more of Martien’s photography and design at

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Weather Time Lapse Film From Martien Janssen Featuring My Piano Music

Here’s a really nice new moody time lapse short film from Martien Janssen featuring lots of atmospheric cloud shots and weather, all shot in The Netherlands. The accompanying music is my track The Waiting from volume 1 of my royalty free music collections.

“The forecast was ‘good’, so me and my buddy Pyropix headed out and captured some wild footage during the day when 2 storms passed right over us. I shot almost 5000 shots in 24 scenes from 2pm to 11 pm, at several locations, using a D700 and D800 with a Emotimo TB3 dolly for movement.”

Martien Janssen

Martien Janssen photographer and designerMartien is a talented freelance photographer and graphic designer from Utrecht in The Netherlands.

See more of his graphic design and photography work over at his website Zy-Co Design & Photo:

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Time Lapse Stars, Auroras And Supercells From Dean Gill Featuring My Music

Here’s some stunning time lapse video clips of supercell storms, stars and auroras from Dean Gill and featuring my music tracks Tempest and Falling Down. The videos come from various locations around the world including Italy, France and the US.

Check out more of Dean’s great photography here:

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Underwater Diving Video Of Lake Tanganyika Featuring My Music

Lake Tanganyika Cichlids in the Wild (HD 1080p)

Here’s a new promotional video from African Diving Ltd. including stunning underwater diving footage from Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania, which also features my music tracks Exodus and Tempest.

“Underwater footage from Lake Tanganyika including the very first presentation of several new cichlid fishes in the lake, such as the new orange-cheeked Petrochromis and the vivid and equally new Tropheus sp. “Short body”, the latter found in the extreme shallow and surge stricken biotope.”

African Diving Ltd.

Visit the African Diving Ltd. website for more info at:

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Exuma Film Featuring My Music Available On Blu Ray And DVD

Here’s the trailer for photographer and filmmaker Colin Ruggiero‘s film Exuma which features some of my music and is now available to order on Blu Ray and DVD from the Exuma film website.

“Prepare to hold your breath and dive into a thousand shades of blue  on an exploration of the Exuma Cays – a tiny string of pearls tucked away in the middle of the 3,000 other islands that make up the Bahamas.  Shot entirely in HD, the film uses innovative underwater and time-lapse photography to capture the surreal beauty of the Exumas through the eyes of a young woman who lives there.  Through Susanna’s eyes, we are given a window into a world few people have ever seen.  Welcome to Exuma.”

Colin Ruggiero

More info here:

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Clip From Documentary Exuma Featuring Some Of My Music

Fish Personalities

Here’s a short clip from a new documentary film by Colin Ruggiero called Exuma that features some of my music. The film features some stunning underwater and time lapse photography:

“The Exumas are a string of small islands in the Bahamas. “Exuma” is the first film to highlight the beauty of these remote “out islands.” The film is a view into this surreal world of sand, sky and water through the eyes and thoughts of a young woman who lives there. Underwater and time-lapse imagery are used to show a side of the Exumas that few people, even those lucky enough to have visited, have ever seen.”

Colin Ruggiero

Find out more about Exuma here:

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Underwater eBook Apps Featuring My Music

iUnderwater.netA new collection of ebook apps for the iPad exploring the beauty of oceans and the underwater world have just been released from which feature some of my music.

The collection of 5 ebooks includes information, photo galleries and short video clips from dive sites around the world. Each volume is a coffee-table style interactive book featuring over 100 photographs and over 15 minutes of HD video which feature some of my music.

The underwater footage and photos are beautiful and the apps are a great way to experience some stunning views of the underwater world. All 5 volumes are available individually from iTunes at the following link or you can visit for more info: