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All Music Licenses Now Cover Mobile Apps & Games

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To simplify my licensing terms for apps & games developers, all my music licenses have now been updated to cover use in mobile apps & games (e.g. for Android or iOS developers).

So if you need some music for your game or mobile app you can now choose from any of my music licenses with prices starting at £9.99 for non-commercial use, £29.99 for commercial use or £39.99 for one of my multiple-use royalty free music collections. All of these will cover use of my music in your game or app, depending on your app and what type of license you need.

To sum it up briefly, my non-royalty free individual tracks (one-off use) are £9.99 if the app is free or £29.99 if the app is a commercial (paid) release. Then I also have royalty free album collections where you can use the music repeatedly in unlimited games, apps and any other audio visual productions commercially for £39.99.

And to simplify other parts of my licensing terms, I’ve also removed all terms that previously limited you to only being able to sell up to 1,000 copies of physical units of your productions (e.g. DVDs or Blu Rays of your films). When you now buy a commercial license or a royalty free collection, there are no longer any limits to the amount of physical releases of your films and productions you can sell! Unlimited!

If you have any questions about my licensing terms or using the music, take a look at the FAQs or licensing info, or please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.