Cryosleep Dreams by Simon Wilkinson

Cryosleep Dreams

Total running time: 101:24 (10 tracks)
Tempo: n/a (slow)

Ambient space music album containing 10 hypnotic tracks (101 minutes) of atmospheric instrumental space music, sparkling ethereal drones and imaginary landscapes. Inspired by themes of deep space travel, Cryosleep Dreams is a calming ambient musical journey through interstellar sonic dreamstates. Listen to short clips above or click below for full-length previews. Note: This album is sold for personal listening only but you can contact me to discuss licensing this music for your films.

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Full Description

Cryosleep Dreams is an album of atmospheric and cinematic ambient space music from Simon Wilkinson. With a total running time of 101 minutes, these 10 instrumental tracks of ethereal space soundscapes will take you on a dreamlike musical journey to the far side of your imagination.

From richly textured deep and dark evolving drones to long shimmering dreamscapes and glistening worlds of abstract sound, this is a highly atmospheric and dreamlike musical experience.

Ambient Space Music: Cryosleep Dreams (album sampler) by Simon Wilkinson

The music is floating, expansive, spacious and non-obtrusive with no drums or percussion to distract your attention from the hypnotic moods.

Deep bass drones flow beneath sparkling atmospheric textures. Cinematic background music that’s full of slow moving ethereal pads and airy washes of sound.

The album is ideal listening for encouraging relaxation, meditation, triggering ASMR, sleep and lucid dreaming, or as immersive background music for gaming, sci-fi reading/writing and any other creative work. Also great as mood-setting music for space engine simulators. Let the rich atmospheric musical spacescapes and celestial ambience wash over you and take your mind to a deep place of focused contemplation and dreamlike visual states.

The music on this album took around 6 months to create and the track titles add a sense of narrative in describing a journey through rich worlds of sound. There are abstract themes of space travel, the evolution of humanity through technology and the psychological effects of biological preservation on subconscious dreamstates.

The full album plus bonus 12 page PDF booklet of accompanying images and artwork will be immediately available to download after purchase as a zip file containing all tracks as highest CD-quality 320kbps mp3s. The beautiful cover image is by photographer and artist Sarah Fenwick at where you can find lots more examples of Sarah’s atmospheric photography work.

Some reviews of Cryosleep Dreams:

“One of the best ambient albums in my collection -- Instant classic.”

Judd Stephens (Bandcamp review)

“I listen to this record every time I fly. Everywhere I go, I listen to this I just associate this sound with space and flight. It just captures the atmosphere of unknown that is yet to be seen.”

One Minute Video (Bandcamp recommendation)

“Sitting in your cockpit alone as the planet before you makes way for you to see directly the light of the sun in the sector…slowly descending between the rings of a mystical planet…thinking on your loved ones in a red glowing system far away…seeing the birth and the dramatic death of a star…looking in the eyes of your handsome first officer as he/she brings you your morning coffee…it’s all on this timeless masterpiece of an album. And so much more…”

Rindenberg (Bandcamp review)

“I just love flying and flying with this soundtrack…dreaming about future.”

Andreas Ullrich (Bandcamp review)

“I stumbled, upon Simon Wilkinson, after hearing ‘Cold Methuselah‘ on the Digitally Imported stream. The depth of the music intrigued me, and I sampled the entire album for effect. ‘Cryosleep Dreams‘ in short, is a bold soundtrack for those on a pilgrimage to astonishment! The CD cover-art depicts a hapless interstellar-traveler in suspended-animation, on an automated-journey, dreaming across all those long-years of deep space. Many feelings, are imparted through the sound that Simon conveys, and it’s easy to transpose yourself into the musical narrative he creates here. Everything is strange, beautiful, and intensely, epic all-at-once. ‘Binary Storm‘ was another exceptional track for me, and I immediately added-it to my ambient playlist. How I missed Simon Wilkinson, through my celestial navigations is still a mystery, that will remain unknown to me. Very few ambient artists attain this level of sophisticated production-level. But I must rank him up there with eminent superstars like: Jonn Serrie, Telomere, Thom Brennan, Dave Luxton, Meg Bowles, Chronotope Project, Jon Jenkins, and Csillagkod. This one, is a ‘must purchase’ for true fans of the space-music medium. Highly Recommended.”

eTripper (Amazon review)

“A wonderfully celestial and dreamy journey into unknown spaces (SpaceScapes). Simon allows us to drift away deep into his cosmic worlds with a delightful sense of awe. These works can lull you to sleep, calm your spirit, or fill a room with intense yet delicate beauty.”

Brian Bourassa

“A gorgeous deep album of electronic space music.”

Mike G (Ultima Thule radio)

“I really love space ambient with huge configurated textures and uplifting pads and drones. And this piece gives me food for the inner eye. A wonderfully easy and floating journey.”


Cryosleep Dreams was incredibly mesmerizing, soothing and thought provoking to me. I work a stressful job and it was a perfect way to wind down my Friday night. I’ve searched for this type of music and it can be difficult to find. I suppose there is some stuff out there but nothing at the level of quality that Simon Wilkinson offers. It’s hard to describe music in words but there is just something about the artist’s style and the sounds he orchestrates with that I really like. I will buy the next album immediately!!”

Amazon Customer Review

“An absolutely beautiful album. A peaceful sonic world in every track. Highly recommended!”

Jesse Carmona

“Very rich and evolving soundscapes, mostly pad-based. I personally have never felt such a calming effect from his long-form ambient music.”

Joel Remiel

“Meditative, covert ambient. Barely present, meditative ambient; sounds to take with you into dreams.”


“Great sleep music for mystic dreams -- 5 Stars”

William Sikora Moonville (Google Play review)

“Being an avid fan of the genre for many years, I’ve been accustomed to some high and essential criteria to make this type of music stand out and shine the most. The ten tracks of slow transforming, drifting, peaceful and deep drone textures feature no rhythm or structure and are aptly composed.”

Sonic Immersion Review

PLEASE NOTE: this album is sold for personal listening only and does not include a license to use the music in films or videos. If you’re interested in using any of the music from this album in a video or film please contact me to discuss licensing costs with as much info about your project as possible.

Tracklisting: Alpha State Begins (9:06) | Pushing Through Crystal Ice Clouds (14:32) | Planetfall (8:00) | Gravity Waves (8:38) | Descending Node (7:01) | Orbital Drift (10:17) | Binary Storm (7:05) | Panoramic Light (9:55) | Cold Methuselah (7:04) | The Divine Realm (19:42)

This mp3 album (minus the PDF booklet) is also available from these websites and online stores (including Bandcamp). If you want to use the music in your video please contact me for a license which is only available here at

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