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Fox’s 24 Season 8 TV Promo Trailers Use My Music Again!

Dramatic trailer music Zahara: Fox 24 promo S08E19

After being used last year in trailers for season 7 of Fox’s 24, my music is being used again in trailers for season 8! Check out the promo clip here for season 8/episode 19 of the hit show starring Kiefer Sutherland featuring my music.

Zahara is a dramatic instrumental orchestral action track that is also available to license for use in other commercials, trailers and TV advertising spots. The track can be instantly licensed for non-broadcast purposes or contact me directly for broadcast licensing queries. The full length music track is just under two and a half minutes long in total.

More information about the track as well as a full length preview is available in my online mp3 music download shop here: