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Still Life: London In East End Promise Exhibition Featuring My Piano Track Leaving Paris

Still Life: London

The short film Still Life: London by artists Wyllie O’Hagan, which I provided the piano music track Leaving Paris for, is being featured in the East End Promise exhibition in London from the 9th to the 24th October (see a short clip from the film above).

East End Promise is “a multi-media event documenting and exploring the explosion of artistic and cultural activity that took place in London’s East End between 1985 and 2000″. For more details on the exhibition, check the East End Promise website at

“The moving image artwork, explores a quest for stillness in a hectic world. Two screens project moving images with piano soundtrack. One screen shows a personal collection of still, quiet life objects, beautifully considered and composed, revealed at a reflective pace. The second screen shows abstract energetic lines wildly drawn with light.”

Wyllie O’Hagan

Still Life: London has already had highly praised screenings at Toronto and London film festivals and has now been accepted in two more international festivals in Mexico and Melbourne:

Mexico’s Expresión en Corto International Film Festival

Melbourne International Animation Festival