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Still Life Soundtrack By Rachel Portman

STILL LIFE - Official HD Trailer

A few days ago I had the belated pleasure of watching the 2013 film Still Life directed by Uberto Pasolini. The film stars the always brilliant Eddie Marsan as a council worker who tries to track down relatives of people who’ve died alone. It’s a very quiet subtle film and Eddie Marsan is amazing in his ability at being able to really hold and hang on to silence but still captivate your attention.

Rachel Portman - End Titles

One thing that really stood out and framed the whole thing perfectly was the beautiful score by British composer Rachel Portman.

The music is very delicate and haunting (you can hear the end titles in the video on the right) and it suits the melancholy emotional tone of the film perfectly.

Rachel Portman is an extremely talented and prolific composer having scored numerous films including The Cider House Rules, Chocolat, Never Let Me Go and Mike Leigh’s Four Days In July (in fact the score for Still Life reminded me at times of the soundtrack to Mike Leigh’s Naked, composed by Andrew Dickson and another one of my favourite film soundtracks).

The soundtrack for Still Life is available to download from iTunes here: