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New Ambient Album Promo Video ‘Cryosleep Dreams’

Ambient Space Music: Cryosleep Dreams (album sampler) by Simon Wilkinson

I’ve just released a new album of ambient space music called Cryosleep Dreams and you can watch a promo video for it above. The album features 10 tracks (101 minutes) of atmospheric and cinematic music with a sci-fi/space theme.

The music is instrumental and richly textured and varies from dark drones to light, airy and ethereal pieces. It’s the kind of music you can listen to while working, writing, meditating, triggering ASMR or just to help you sleep. All of the tracks are at least 7 minutes long (the longest being just under 20 minutes) which makes it perfect for calming background use or falling asleep to.

This album is aimed more at ‘general’ fans of atmospheric ambient music (as opposed to filmmakers) although the tracks will be available for licensing if you’re interested. I’ve had feedback from people who like the sound of my royalty free music albums but understandably don’t want to pay for licensing when they just want to listen to it for pleasure. So I’ll be writing lots more ‘regular’ albums that will be priced more in line with standard albums for non-industry music fans.


1. Alpha State Begins (9:05)
2. Pushing Through Crystal Ice Clouds (14:32)
3. Planetfall (8:00)
4. Gravity Waves (8:38)
5. Descending Node (7:01)
6. Orbital Drift (10:17)
7. Binary Storm (7:05)
8. Panoramic Light (9:55)
9. Cold Methuselah (7:04)
10. The Divine Realm (19:42)

The album is available now from my store (link below) and also on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. The lovely cover image comes courtesy of artist and photographer Sarah Fenwick at and I knew it was the perfect image for the album cover as soon as I saw it.

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