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Fox TV Promo Trailers For 24 Featuring My Orchestral Music Zahara

Orchestral trailer music Zahara: Fox 24 promo S07E10 #1
Orchestral trailer music Zahara: Fox 24 promo S07E10 #2

My dramatic orchestral action track Zahara is currently being used nationally on US television promotional trailers for Fox’s hit TV show 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland.

The track is featured in two different promo spots for Season 7, Episode 10 of the hit show, both of which can be seen above.

Zahara is a dramatic instrumental orchestral music track that is also available to license for use in other commercials, trailers and TV advertising spots. The track can be instantly licensed for non-broadcast purposes or contact me directly for broadcast licensing queries.

The full length track is just under two and a half minutes long in total. More information about the track as well as a full length preview is available in my online music shop where you can buy and license Zahara for use in your own trailers and YouTube videos: