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Which type of license do I need to buy?

There are several types of license you can buy for using my music:

If you buy a royalty free collection (£39.99) this includes the album of music tracks plus a royalty free license that lets you use the music in an unlimited number of videos/trailers/productions etc. without needing to pay anything else. So £39.99 covers everything for these collections, whether it’s for commercial or non-commercial use.

All other individual non royalty free tracks on this site sell for £0.99 which gives you just the music file itself. This doesn’t include any kind of license for using the music in a video and is just to download the music for personal listening (as you would on iTunes or Amazon etc.) or if you want to privately audition the track to see if it’s suitable for your video.

In order to publicly use one of these tracks in a video, you need to choose between either a non-commercial license (£9.99) or a commercial license (£29.99). These types of license allow a one-time use of a track in one specific video/production. What decides the difference between commercial and non-commercial use?

Basically if your video is advertising any kind of product, service, website, app or anything else that makes money, you would need a commercial license. For example, let’s say you’re making a promotional YouTube video to advertise a mobile phone app you’re selling. This would be commercial use. Even if the video itself can be played for free on YouTube, it’s the service or product that you’re promoting which is commercial, so you would need a commercial license.

If the music is for use in any kind of personal, not-for-profit or school/college project, you can use a non-commercial license. As long as the video/production is in no way commercial or earning money, you can use a non-commercial license (although you are allowed to monetize your video on YouTube with a non-commercial license).

But all uses of music in a video or production will require a license of some kind, even if you’re a non-profit organization. If you’re in any doubt which type of license you need, please feel free to contact me with more info and I’ll tell you which license you need.