Terms & Conditions

By purchasing any of my music, licenses or royalty free music collections you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

General terms & conditions

  • You may not copy, share, lease, lend, sell, transfer, sub-license or distribute any music or licenses to any third-party.
  • All licenses for music use are only valid after full payment has been received.
  • Due to the non-returnable nature of mp3 digital music files, refunds are not possible. Please ensure you purchase the correct songs.
  • Important: Music cannot be used as samples, clips or as any underlying basis (no matter how minor) for any new musical work or song of your own.
  • When purchasing any form of license (royalty free or otherwise) the music is licensed to you for use in your production(s) only. It is not a transfer of copyright or ownership; copyright of the music remains with the composer at all times.
  • All music compositions must be incorporated into a production and cannot stand alone in their original format as purely audio.
  • No music track or collection may be made available independently to the public as a soundtrack album or promotional CD for a production.
  • Use of music in any film, video or other form of production without a valid license constitutes infringement of copyright and intellectual property and will be legally pursued under copyright laws in all cases.

Royalty free music collections

  • Purchasing a royalty free music collection gives you a lifetime right and license to legally use the music from that collection in any and all of your videos and productions without needing to pay a repeat license fee each time that music is used in a new production.
  • Royalty free collections are also licensed for use in worldwide TV broadcasts as well as video games and mobile apps.
  • Any use of the music must be for within your own productions. If you are a freelance editor making videos for different clients, they must be the licensed end-user of the music and each must buy their own copy of the collection. You cannot use one copy of a royalty free music collection for multiple/different clients.

Non royalty free individual music tracks

  • All individual (non royalty free) music tracks require either a Non-Commercial or Commercial license (depending on usage) for any public or online use.
  • Even if your production is for non-commercial, charitable or not for profit use, a license must still be purchased before use.
  • Commercial use is deemed to include any use which promotes or advertises any business, commercial product or paid service. Even if the production itself is not for sale (e.g. a promotional video trailer), if it promotes or advertises any form of commercial business, service or paid product, this would require a commercial license.
  • A Non-Commercial or Commercial license covers use of one specific music track in one unique production only. A new license is needed if the same track is to be used in a different video/production.

Please note: unfortunately I’m finding more and more people using my music without purchasing a license before using it – any unlicensed use of my music, even for non-commercial use, is an infringement of copyright and IP laws and is prosecutable by law.

I use various automated services and audio fingerprinting technologies such as Tunesat to automatically monitor and report use of my music found in online videos, websites, YouTube, TV productions etc. Unlicensed music used on sites like YouTube/Vimeo etc. can lead to videos being deleted (losing all playcounts and statistics) and in some cases your account being suspended. Unlicensed use in any films, videos, websites or other formats will be legally pursued in ALL cases. If in doubt, please contact me for any licensing queries before use.

Privacy Policy
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