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  • Neon City by Simon Wilkinson

    Neon City


    Track length: 3:42
    Tempo: 60 bpm

    Neon City is an atmospheric and moody instrumental track with warm organic washes of ambient background sound, sparse deep bass, gentle and subtle percussive beats and rhythms and lush Blade Runner style synths. Ideal slow atmospheric background music for documentaries and moody videos.

  • Late Night Metro by Simon Wilkinson

    Late Night Metro


    Track length: 3:37
    Tempo: 84 bpm

    Late night, laid back and mellow instrumental music featuring Fender Rhodes keyboards, congas, gentle wah wah and acoustic guitar, warm bass, subtle electronica and atmospheric delayed synths. Chilled downtempo electronica similar in style to trip hop artists like Thievery Corporation, Morcheeba, Air and Zero 7.