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  • Royalty Free Music Vol.7 by Simon Wilkinson

    Royalty Free Music For Film & Documentary Vol. 7: 13 Days Of Nightmares


    Total running time: 49:25 (13 tracks)
    Tempo: Various

    Royalty free horror music Vol.7 for documentaries, films and videos. A nightmarish collection of dark twisted¬†soundscapes, subtle atmospheric horror drones and scary instrumental music to use in your horror film soundtracks and dark documentaries. Hear short clips from all the tracks in the preview above or click below for full length track previews. The included lifetime license means you buy once, then use repeatedly in all your videos (including monetised YouTube videos – please let me know your YouTube channel URL and I will ensure it’s whitelisted for use).

  • Wind On Wires by Simon Wilkinson

    Wind On Wires


    Track length: 6:20
    Tempo: n/a (slow)

    Dark and eerie background horror atmosphere, ideal as ambient music or sound design for horror films, thrillers, dramas or dark documentary scenes. A tense, claustrophobic and sinister soundscape with an atmosphere of dread and foreboding. The bleak and twisted sound of dread, barbed wire, loneliness and captivity in a forlorn desolate environment.