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  • Outpost 31 by Simon Wilkinson

    Outpost 31


    Track length: 3:41
    Tempo: 70 bpm

    Epic dark atmospheric instrumental music track from Simon Wilkinson featuring cinematic strings, subtle piano, low horns, heavy medium-tempo Led Zeppelin-style drums and percussion. Slow icy epic music with an atmospheric ominous feel of impending danger. Ideal for dramatic or geographic nature trailers and videos.

  • Antarctica by Simon Wilkinson



    Track length: 7:32
    Tempo: n/a (slow)

    Seven and a half minutes of slow atmospheric ambient music and organic soundscapes with minimal piano. A chilly trip through Antarctic waters, passing huge glaciers. Longform atmospheric ambient soundscape, ideal underscore for science and nature documentaries, films, background music for relaxation, study, yoga, meditation or ambient music for sleepĀ (please read the important note in the full description about licensing for YouTube.)

  • Night Crawlers by Simon Wilkinson

    Night Crawlers


    Track length: 3:48
    Tempo: 80 bpm

    Dark, eerie, atmospheric instrumental track featuring electronic bass, atmospheric breathy vocal background sounds, subtle cyclic piano, synth, electronic drums and percussive rhythmic effects. Background scary music that would be suitable for dark horror films, documentaries or trailers needing a sense of stalking, brooding and imminent danger.