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  • Antarctica by Simon Wilkinson



    Track length: 7:32
    Tempo: n/a (slow)

    Seven and a half minutes of slow atmospheric ambient music and organic soundscapes with minimal piano. A chilly trip through Antarctic waters, passing huge glaciers. Longform atmospheric ambient soundscape, ideal underscore for science and nature documentaries, films, background music for relaxation, study, yoga, meditation or ambient music for sleep (please read the important note in the full description about licensing for YouTube.)

  • Interlude by Simon Wilkinson



    Track length: 2:11
    Tempo: 60 bpm

    Mysterious and intriguing ethereal instrumental track featuring acoustic guitar, piano, synth soundscapes and light jazz drum hits. Hazy, dreamlike and airy instrumental music with a feeling of mystery.

  • Strolling by Simon Wilkinson



    Track length: 0:15
    Tempo: 180 bpm

    15 second jaunty and upbeat jazzy piano and upright bass ideal for fun short stings, whimsical intros, adverts, tongue-in-cheek commercials and comedic promos needing a touch of lightness. Short, carefree and light piano music with walking bass.

  • Royalty Free Music Vol.8 by Simon Wilkinson

    Royalty Free Music For Film & Documentary Vol. 8: Deep Space Ambient


    Total running time: 74:57 (10 tracks)
    Tempo: n/a (slow)

    Deep Space Ambient is my 8th volume of royalty free music and focuses on atmospheric ambient space music. Ethereal electronic soundscapes, interstellar alien sound design, beautiful floating organic sound textures and deep space drones. One-time purchase of the album includes a lifetime license that lets you use the music in all your films, documentaries and videos (including monetised YouTube content). Hear short clips from all the tracks in the preview above or click below for full length track previews.

  • Royalty Free Music: The Complete Collection by Simon Wilkinson

    Royalty Free Music: The Complete Collection (30% Discount)


    Total running time: 6hrs 31mins (111 tracks)
    Tempo: Various

    Royalty Free Music: The Complete Collection is a bundle of all 8 volumes of my atmospheric royalty free music. Over 6 and a half hours (101 tracks) of licensed atmospheric music for documentary and filmmakers with a 30% discount off the total price (saving £96). The included lifetime license lets you use the music in all your commercial productions, documentaries, films, trailers and YouTube videos (including monetised content). Atmospheric background music, dark soundscapes, cinematic piano, ambient drones and much more to add rich textured soundtracks to your visuals. Hear short clips from Vol.1 in the preview above or click below for previews from all 8 collections.