Chase Music

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  • Icarus by Simon Wilkinson



    Track length: 0:45
    Tempo: 140 bpm

    Dramatic epic orchestral action music ideal for trailers and promo videos. Featuring staccato strings, brass, thunderous pounding heavy drums and percussion, punctuated by staccato choirs as the music builds to a frantic action-packed climax.

  • Scorpio by Simon Wilkinson



    Track length: 2:49
    Tempo: 88 bpm

    Dark and dramatic modern action music with a sense of danger. Quiet high strings introduce a solo piano intro riff before heavy drums kick in. Then follows a dark, dramatic and thrilling explosion of sound including hammered dulcimer, strings, bass and synth. Dark, epic and intense music for trailers and promos.

  • We're On A Mission by Simon Wilkinson

    We’re On A Mission


    Track length: 2:08 and 0:30
    Tempo: 120 bpm

    Fun and funky chase music. Fast electric wah-wah guitar picking, stabbing funky keyboards, bobbing bass guitar and tight drums. Perfect instrumental background music for fast and lighthearted chase scenes with an upbeat feel. Think Blues Brothers car chases, zany 70s movies or redneck bar fight scenes! Comes in a full length version (2:08) plus a 30 second edit (both versions included in the price).

  • The Chase by Simon Wilkinson

    The Chase


    Track length: 3:51
    Tempo: 140 bpm

    Fast paced tense instrumental action music ideal for car chases or energetic action scenes. Percussive electronic rhythms, piano, atmospheric synths, mystery and excitement. Music that would work well in fast paced action trailers or high speed film action or pursuit scenes.