Non Royalty Free Music

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  • Microlight by Simon Wilkinson



    Track length: 4:02
    Tempo: 100 bpm

    Melancholy instrumental music with a mellow, emotional and wistful air of regret. Soft brushed jazz drums introduce warm but downbeat electric Fender Rhodes keyboards, gentle acoustic guitar strumming, piano, oboe, soft strings and subtle atmospheric electronica tones.

  • Crosstown 2am by Simon Wilkinson

    Crosstown 2 A.M.


    Track length: 3:43
    Tempo: 80 bpm

    Late night, laid back and mellow breakbeats, bass, funky Fender Rhodes piano, subtle wah wah guitar, gentle picked acoustic guitar and warm horns give the music a smooth, relaxed and assured feeling. Cool medium tempo instrumental groove ideal for urban documentaries, trailers or YouTube videos.

  • Ocean Blue by Simon Wilkinson

    Ocean Blue


    Track length: 2:36
    Tempo: 86 bpm

    Music for underwater video footage. Mellow, medium-tempo instrumental track featuring gentle acoustic guitar picking, strings, harp and subtle percussive stereo rhythms and effects.

  • Leaving Paris by Simon Wilkinson

    Leaving Paris


    Track length: 5:19
    Tempo: n/a (slow to medium)

    Emotional and melancholy piano music with sparse touches of pizzicato string and harp plucks giving a subtle atmosphere of romantic regret, sadness and longing. Atmospheric and solo piano music to license for human interest documentaries and films of a personal emotional nature.

  • Cryosleep Dreams by Simon Wilkinson

    Cryosleep Dreams


    Total running time: 101:24 (10 tracks)
    Tempo: n/a (slow)

    Ambient space music album containing 10 hypnotic tracks (101 minutes) of atmospheric instrumental space music, sparkling ethereal drones and imaginary landscapes. Inspired by themes of deep space travel, Cryosleep Dreams is a calming ambient musical journey through interstellar sonic dreamstates. Listen to short clips above or click below for full-length previews. Note: This album is sold for personal listening only but you can contact me to discuss licensing this music for your films.

  • Cool Breeze by Simon Wilkinson

    Cool Breeze


    Track length: 3:33
    Tempo: 80 bpm

    Mellow, crisp, medium tempo instrumental breakbeats with upbeat cinematic string effects and warm bass topped off with sun-kissed soft melodic trumpet lines. Summery vibes for a positive atmosphere that would be ideal music for travel videos, TV shows or documentaries.

  • Zahara by Simon Wilkinson



    Track length: 2:21
    Tempo: 162 bpm

    Pounding epic orchestral action track with contemporary thunderous heavy drums, percussion and sweeping symphonic strings building to a dramatic and frantic climax. Exciting, loud and dynamic orchestral track. Fast and powerful action music for high intensity trailers and promo videos.

  • Olympia by Simon Wilkinson



    Track length: 4:24
    Tempo: 90 bpm

    Inspirational uplifting music track featuring acoustic guitar, strings, cello, piano, drums and bass guitar. Ideal instrumental music for time lapse films, slideshows, credit sequences, sports highlights or olympics montage videos needing atmospheric, emotional and optimistic background music with a human feel.

  • Sing Me A Song by Mr Bennett

    Sing Me A Song


    Track length: 3:50
    Tempo: 125 bpm

    Widescreen atmospheric cinematic song from Mr Bennett with vocals and acoustic guitar leading to fuller arrangement with bass, drums and organ. Sounds a bit like Lou Reed, late period Johnny Cash, Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan’s Oh Mercy.

  • Bad Memories by Simon Wilkinson

    Bad Memories


    Track length: 3:17
    Tempo: n/a (slow to medium)

    Dark and melancholy instrumental solo piano music with sparse washes of spooky atmospheric background sound. Solemn and serious music with an eerie atmosphere. License this haunting track for use in your horror films and dark documentaries.