Therapies Offered

We offer a range of therapies and services to help both children and adults with different degrees of speech, language and communication problems.

Services for children

We offer a range of therapies for children with communication difficulties including:

Attention and listening
Understanding and remembering classroom instructions
Recalling words (word finding difficulties)
Learning new vocabulary
Grammar and sentence construction
Producing and articulating the correct speech sounds
Literacy difficulties
Retelling stories (narrative skills)
Making friends and socialising
Dysfluent speech (stammering)
Late talkers
Mild, moderate or severe learning difficulties
Complex needs
Specific language impairments

Services for adults

Speech and language therapy for adults with a variety of neurolgical conditions including:

Motor Neurone Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Head injuries
Lee Silverman Voice Therapy for people with Parkinson's Disease

We can also help with:

Voice problems
Confidence building
Slurred speech
Reading and writing difficulties