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Android Puzzle App ‘Binary Challenge’ Features My Ambient Space Music

Binary Challenge game featuring my ambient space music

Here’s a cool new puzzler app for Android devices that features some of my ambient space music to help keep you focused while playing! Binary Challenge is a techy brain-game with a cool hi-tech look where you have to solve binary and hex numerical challenges. One for the more scientifically-minded!

It’s a free download from the Google Play store and comes from the awesome team at Increatly. Give it a try at the following link or just search for Binary Challenge on the Play store:

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Dakotalapse Full Length Time Lapse ‘Trails End’ Featuring My Music

Trails End – 4K Ultra HD

This is the latest time lapse film from photographer Randy Halverson at called Trails End. It’s a video compilation of some of Randy’s best time lapse photography from 2014.

The main music used in the clip above isn’t mine (although the intro/ending title music is my track Lightscape from my Royalty Free Vol.8 Collection) but he also has a full length version that runs to 30+ minutes long which features my music throughout the entire video.

I have to say that the photography in the 30 minute feature is absolutely mesmerizing and I’m honoured that my music is featured in this beautiful film. It’s well worth 30 minutes of your time to see some of the incredible photography in this video. You can download the full version shot in 4k Ultra HD from Randy’s website here:

Randy has also used lots more of my music in his previous time lapse video work which you can see here on my site.

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New Dakotalapse Short Time Lapse Clip Catches Satellites

Final Boost Stage of GSSAP and ANGELS satellites – 4K UHD

This short 1 minute time lapse clip from Randy Halverson is a pretty enough video to watch on its own merits. It’s even more captivating when you look closer and see that Randy managed to capture (by chance) 2 passing satellites in the frames of his film. The GSSAP and ANGELS satellites had launched on July 28th at 7:28 EDT and can be seen within the video above.

The background music is New World Dawn from volume 8 of my royalty free music collection Deep Space Ambient.

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Trailer For New Space-Based PC Game Distant Star Featuring My Music

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet Trailer

Here’s a new trailer for the space-based PC game Distant Star: Revenant Fleet from developers Blazing Griffin that features some of my music. Distant Star is a real-time, space-strategy game for PC, featuring fleet-based combat, a dynamically generated galaxy, and a different evolving narrative every time.

The game looks awesome so if you’re a fan of space-based strategy games, go check it out on the Blazing Griffin website where the game is in alpha for just £4.99 or help get the game on Steam here.

“Wisely choose the story path for your fleet, battle across a galaxy of lethal battlefields, and build up your ships, skills and equipping before launching a final, cataclysmic assault against your enemy.”

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New Compilation Featuring My Ambient Space Music

Ambient SkylineOne of my atmospheric ambient space music tracks is featured on a new compilation album from the Galileo Dreams record label called Ambient Skyline.

My 10 minute instrumental track Birth Of A Distant Star is part of a 14 track collection of atmospheric and relaxing music featuring artists such as Echo-ES, Piotr Janeczek, Hollan Holmes and others.

The full compilation album is available to buy as an instant mp3 download from the following music stores or you can also buy and license just my track Birth Of A Distant Star directly from me at here.

Buy Ambient Skyline at iTunes
Buy Ambient Skyline at Beatport
Buy Ambient Skyline at Juno Download

Ambient Skyline is a music compilation for relaxation, meditation and dreams. Spatial soundscapes, dreamy choirs and distant voices. This relaxing and dreamy music will immerse you in a dream and carry you far away into a world of bliss, relaxation, meditation and sleep.”

Galileo Dreams

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Short Time Lapse Clip From Dakotalapse Featuring My Ambient Music

Sprites, Gravity Waves and Airglow

Here’s a new short but hypnotic time lapse video clip from photographer Randy Halverson at Dakotalapse featuring a brief extract from my atmospheric royalty free ambient space music collection. Hear more of my work in Randy’s previous videos here.

“On August 20th, 2014 I timelapsed a storm over central South Dakota with multiple cameras. I left for Wyoming without looking at most of the frames. I saw a post by Tom Warner about Sprites he caught on the same storm. Sprites are large scale electrical discharges that occur high above clouds.When I got back I went through the frames and found 7 with Sprites in them. The Sprites are only 1 frame each, so they will be a quick flash of red near the right side above the storm. The green Airglow is rippled by Gravity Waves, some faint Aurora moves in towards the end of the sequences, on the right side before the clouds cover it up.”

Randy Halverson (Dakotalapse)

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New Ambient Space Music Track: Birth Of A Distant Star

Ambient Space Music: Birth Of A Distant Star by Simon Wilkinson

Today I’ve released a new ambient space music track called Birth Of A Distant Star. The track is a 10 minute atmospheric instrumental ambient piece based around themes of star births, origins of the galaxy, space travel and epic interstellar imagery.

Full of atmospheric ambient textures and harmonically rich floating synth layers, the instrumental track would make ideal background music for space documentaries and feature films, astronomy time lapse films, art films, photo galleries or any video that calls for ethereal and highly textural audio, music and sound design.

The track is available to download and license here for use in your own films and videos and also on all popular music download sites like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

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New Royalty Free Ambient Space Music Collection: Deep Space Ambient

Royalty Free Ambient Space Music (promo video) For Documentary & Film by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s the promo video for my latest royalty free music collection called Deep Space Ambient. In the 8th of my royalty free music series I’ve focused on ambient space music to give 10 tracks (75 minutes) of atmospheric and ethereal interstellar instrumental music for film and documentary makers.

The collection is intended to be ideal background music for documentaries, feature films, galleries, YouTube videos and other visual projects which need a deep immersive soundtrack. You’ll find shimmering ambient soundscapes, floating piano, dark sound design and epic layers of textural audio with no distracting drums or percussion. Ideal to add atmosphere and ambience to your documentaries and videos, whether the subject is outer space or not.

You can watch the promo video above featuring short clips from all 10 tracks on the album to get an idea of the sound or hear full length previews of all the tracks in the shop:

Full licensing details are in the Licensing Info section or contact me if you have any questions.

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My Ambient Space Music Featured On SomaFM Radio

My ambient music on Soma FM Drone ZoneSome of my atmospheric ambient space music is being featured on online ambient radio show the Drone Zone on SomaFM.

The Drone Zone specialises in playing textural ambient space themed music from great artists such as Steve Roach, Brian Eno, Jonn Serrie, Max Corbacho, Lucette Bourdin and many more.

If you’re a fan of atmospheric ambient space music or just beautiful and hypnotic instrumental music and ethereal soundtracks you can listen to the Drone Zone online at SomaFM here:

“Served best chilled, safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats.”

SomaFM Drone Zone

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My Ambient Space Music Featured On Digitally Imported Radio

Space dreams & Ambient shows on Digitally ImportedSome of my ambient space music is about to be featured on rotation on the Ambient and Space Dreams channels on Digitally Imported internet radio.

Digitally Imported feature a wide range of music across their channels and the Ambient & Space Dreams channels are always playing amazing and beautiful atmospheric ambient music from artists such as Steve Roach, Brian Eno, Thom Brennan and loads of other great ambient artists.

There’s a huge range of other styles of music too including dubstep, downtempo, chillout, funky house and many more, all available for free. You can check out the Space Dreams and Ambient stations here:

Space Dreams on Digitally Imported

Ambient on Digitally Imported