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New Royalty Free Ambient Space Music Collection: Deep Space Ambient

Royalty Free Ambient Space Music (promo video) For Documentary & Film by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s the promo video for my latest royalty free music collection called Deep Space Ambient. In the 8th of my royalty free music series I’ve focused on ambient space music to give 10 tracks (75 minutes) of atmospheric and ethereal interstellar instrumental music for film and documentary makers.

The collection is intended to be ideal background music for documentaries, feature films, galleries, YouTube videos and other visual projects which need a deep immersive soundtrack. You’ll find shimmering ambient soundscapes, floating piano, dark sound design and epic layers of textural audio with no distracting drums or percussion. Ideal to add atmosphere and ambience to your documentaries and videos, whether the subject is outer space or not.

You can watch the promo video above featuring short clips from all 10 tracks on the album to get an idea of the sound or hear full length previews of all the tracks in the shop:

Full licensing details are in the Licensing Info section or contact me if you have any questions.

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My Ambient Space Music Featured On SomaFM Radio

My ambient music on Soma FM Drone ZoneSome of my atmospheric ambient space music is being featured on online ambient radio show the Drone Zone on SomaFM.

The Drone Zone specialises in playing textural ambient space themed music from great artists such as Steve Roach, Brian Eno, Jonn Serrie, Max Corbacho, Lucette Bourdin and many more.

If you’re a fan of atmospheric ambient space music or just beautiful and hypnotic instrumental music and ethereal soundtracks you can listen to the Drone Zone online at SomaFM here:

“Served best chilled, safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats.”

SomaFM Drone Zone

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My Ambient Space Music Featured On Digitally Imported Radio

Space dreams & Ambient shows on Digitally ImportedSome of my ambient space music is about to be featured on rotation on the Ambient and Space Dreams channels on Digitally Imported internet radio.

Digitally Imported feature a wide range of music across their channels and the Ambient & Space Dreams channels are always playing amazing and beautiful atmospheric ambient music from artists such as Steve Roach, Brian Eno, Thom Brennan and loads of other great ambient artists.

There’s a huge range of other styles of music too including dubstep, downtempo, chillout, funky house and many more, all available for free. You can check out the Space Dreams and Ambient stations here:

Space Dreams on Digitally Imported

Ambient on Digitally Imported

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Teaser Video For New Royalty Free Ambient Space Music Collection

Ambient Space Music | Royalty Free Music Vol.8 Teaser

Here’s a short preview video teaser for my upcoming Royalty Free Music Collection Volume 8 which focuses on atmospheric ambient space music. Like the previous collections, the music is aimed at film and documentary makers looking for atmospheric background music to use in their films, trailers, documentaries and YouTube videos without having to worry about repeat licensing fees.

For a one time payment of £39.99 the music can be used in as many of your films and videos without needing to pay each time the music is used in a new project. Coming soon, Volume 8 will feature atmospheric and evolving organic soundscapes, ethereal background musical textures, drones and a deep collection of intricate sound worlds and engaging aural space landscapes and journeys to add depth and focus to your projects.

The general theme of the music is obviously based around space travel, astronomy and other worldly audio textures and landscapes, but the music will also be suitable for a wide range of subjects for your films & documentaries including science, nature, time lapse, photography, wildlife, landscapes, art installations, human interest stories and much more. Fans of films such as 2001, Blade Runner and Gravity should hopefully find something of interest here!

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Dark Ambient Space Track Through The Ergosphere Now On iTunes

Dark Ambient Space Music: Through The Ergosphere by Simon Wilkinson

My dark ambient space music track Through The Ergosphere is now also available to buy on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Spotify if you prefer to buy your music through one of these providers.

You can also buy the track directly from me here on this website and this is also where you will need to go if you want to license the track for use in your own videos.

Buy Through The Ergosphere on iTunes

Buy Through The Ergosphere on Amazon

Buy Through The Ergosphere on Google Play

Stream Through The Ergosphere on Spotify

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My Ambient Music Featured In New Xbox 360 Game StarDeath 3000

StarDeath 3000 promo video

My ambient music track Through The Ergosphere is featured as the soundtrack to a new Xbox 360 game called StarDeath 3000 from developers Beebapps: “In the vastness of the cosmos two huge entities are battling for control. They suck the life force from entire galaxies to use in the ultimate struggle against their nemesis…” You can buy the game for $1 (or 69p on the UK channel) or try a free demo of the game at the following links:

Full game:

Free trial version:

You can buy the track as an mp3 here on my site, and also license it for use in your own projects: 

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Promo Video For Atmospheric Ambient Music: Frozen White Light

Ambient Space Music: Frozen White Light by Simon Wilkinson

Frozen White Light by Simon WilkinsonHere’s the promo video for my latest atmospheric ambient music track Frozen White Light which features a short extract from the full length track (the full track is over 30 minutes long) and is available to buy and license for your own films and documentaries from my website here.

The track is a long and slow moving ambient piece of music with a peaceful atmospheric and hypnotic feel, ideal as musical background for films, documentaries, time lapse films, art installations and exhibitions etc. (as heard in the soundtrack to the full length Dakotalapse time lapse film Horizons by Randy Halverson). Due to its long and unobtrusive nature, it can also be used as calming background music for studying, writing, relaxation, meditation, yoga etc.

When I was working on the track, it was usually in the small hours of the morning and my 1 year old daughter (who’s always been a problem sleeper) would often start her nightly routine of waking up crying. I noticed that when I went to comfort her and brought her into the studio while the track was playing, she would immediately calm down and become transfixed with the music and the video. After about 10 minutes of sitting there listening quietly on my lap, she would always fall back asleep, which amazed us because we’d tried everything up until that point. So it could also work as sleep therapy if you or your children have problems sleeping!

Get the full length 30 minute track and find out how to license it for use in your own projects here:

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Dakotalapse Time Lapse Teaser Video Featuring Nebula Drift

Some teaser clips from the new upcoming Dakotalapse time lapse film Horizons. The video above features my ambient space music track Nebula Drift. The extended cut which is available for download from Dakotalapse features a specially written 30 minute long ambient music track of mine called Frozen White Light.

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New 23 Minute Dark Ambient Space Music & Promo Video: Nebula Drift

Dark Ambient Space Music: Nebula Drift (preview) by Simon Wilkinson

Here’s a promo video for my new 23 minute dark ambient space music track called Nebula Drift. The music is a long atmospheric soundscape piece that would be suitable as underscore for film and documentary soundtracks, or just for listening to for fans of ambient textural drone music.

Lots of people have told me they enjoy music like this when playing video games or for inspiring background music when painting or writing. You can license the track or just download it for listening from my shop: