Track length: 4:22
Tempo: 95 bpm

Warm and hypnotic instrumental music track with acoustic guitar, bass guitar, cello, violins, piano, drums and organ. Optimistic and elegant instrumental music with a slight touch of melancholy.

Gentle and mellow acoustic guitar strumming and picking mixed with warm splashes of acoustic drums, subtle piano melodies and delayed keyboards towards the end. Would work well as music for emotional or inspirational sporting moments, olympic montages, human interest stories or reflective film scenes. Watch the promo video clip below set to beautiful footage of horses playing in the snow.

Inspirational Instrumental Music For Film & Documentary: Snowhorses by Composer Simon Wilkinson

Keywords: acoustic guitar, afternoons, autumn, autumnal, beautiful, beauty, cello, contemplative, elegant, emotional, gentle, hopeful, horses, inspirational, inspire, inspiring, instrumental, mellow, nature, olympics, organic, optimistic, organ, outdoors, pastoral, peace, peaceful, piano, rainy, reflective, relaxing, snow, strings, strum, strumming, Sundays, thoughtful, uplifting, violin, wistful

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