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Tom Baker Reads Poetry Over My Ambient Space Music For HCS Voice Packs!

The inimitable Tom Baker is heard reciting poetry over some of my ambient space music in this Soundcloud preview from HCS Voice Packs!

HCS Voice Packs provide audio overlay voice packs for games and space simulators such as Elite Dangerous, Voice Attack and more. Tom Baker is a legend in the acting world and obviously known for his iconic portrayal of Dr Who, so I’m honoured to have some of my music playing underneath his dulcet tones!

HCS have recorded a huge library of voice packs with other icons from legendary sci-fi shows and actors such as Blakes Seven, Brian Blessed and many more. Check out their websites:

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Music Artwork

Below you can see a gallery of all the cover artwork for my music tracks and albums. If you click an image it will open full-screen and you can then browse using your keyboard cursor keys or by clicking the arrows on the left and right of each image.

The cover photo for Cryosleep Dreams is used with kind permission from

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Arrow Of Time – Milky Way Time Lapse Collection By Harley Grady

Arrow Of Time – Milky Way Time Lapse Collection

Can’t believe I don’t seem to have posted about this video here before but perhaps it just slipped through the cracks at a busy time when it was released. It’s a gorgeous Milky Way time lapse video from photographer and filmmaker Harley Grady that features my music track Shadowland.

“This video is a collection of Milky Way time lapse videos that I have shot from 2010-2013. It has been really fun doing so, and I decided to put all of my footage together in one long video to represent what I have done so far.”

Harley Grady

It’s a really beautiful video with some lovely star trails and astrophotography time lapse and I think it fits together with the music perfectly. You can see more of Harley’s work and license his footage from the following links:

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My Music Featured In Toilet Cleaning Commercial!

In a slight change from the usual artistic time lapse videos, gritty documentaries and moody short films that I often post about featuring my music, this commercial for a toilet cleaning gel uses my lighthearted track Bossa Lounge to great effect!

It makes an unusual change to hear my music used in a toilet cleaning commercial but always good to hear my work being placed!

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ASMR Music And Triggers

Playlist: ASMR Music

Recently I’ve had several people contact me telling me they find my music useful in triggering ASMR. If you have no idea what ASMR is (I didn’t at first) it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s a physical (but almost internal) sensation usually characterised by pleasant tingling feelings in the scalp or down the spine, although it affects different people in different ways, and sometimes not at all.

From what I’m told, it’s an abstract experience that’s hard to explain but often likened to things like water rushing under your scalp or having your brain gently massaged or tickled! While I’ve certainly experienced similar tingling feelings when listening to music before, I wasn’t really aware of it as a specific phenomenon, but it’s interesting that so many people report shared experiences.

Common things that can bring about these pleasurable feelings are known as ‘triggers’ and include things like quiet soothing talking, soft whispering or even something as abstract as watching videos of people carrying out simple but deeply-focused tasks. There are thousands of ASMR videos on YouTube if you want to find out more. From what I’ve been told, it’s a very unique experience and what triggers ASMR in one person may have no effect on another.

It seems that my ambient space music is the most common trigger out of all my tracks to use as ASMR music, probably because it’s often very calm, atmospheric and soothing. I also tend to put a lot of detailed but subtle layers of sound in my music, so I guess that’s certainly likely to enhance the effect.

I’ve put together a playlist above of some of my ambient music videos that you might want to take a listen to and see if it triggers anything for you! And there’s links to more tracks below if you want to try them out (some are also available on Spotify/iTunes/Rdio etc.) and you obviously don’t have to license them if you’re just downloading for your own listening:

Obviously, listening on headphones is likely to reveal more detail and make the experience more intense. If any of my music does anything for you, I’d love to hear about your experiences – feel free to let me know.

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Mission Point, Michigan By Chris Penney (Dogbyte Films)

Mission Point, Michigan

Some lovely 4k footage of nature and tranquil scenery shot on a cloudy day in Mission Point, Michigan by filmmaker Chris Penney. Chris is a talented and passionate filmmaker from Grand Rapids who makes feature films, documentaries and commercial productions through his own production company Dogbyte Films.

I’m honoured to have had some of my music used by Chris in some of his previous film work. If you need any kind of commercial production or film work done, Chris is an experienced and well-equipped filmmaker so get in touch with him:

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All Music Licenses Now Cover Mobile Apps & Games

Photo credit: Game Prototyping With Wooden Blocks & Pieces via photopin (license)

To simplify my licensing terms for apps & games developers, all my music licenses have now been updated to cover use in mobile apps & games (e.g. for Android or iOS developers).

So if you need some music for your game or mobile app you can now choose from any of my music licenses with prices starting at £9.99 for non-commercial use, £29.99 for commercial use or £39.99 for one of my multiple-use royalty free music collections. All of these will cover use of my music in your game or app, depending on your app and what type of license you need.

To sum it up briefly, my non-royalty free individual tracks (one-off use) are £9.99 if the app is free or £29.99 if the app is a commercial (paid) release. Then I also have royalty free album collections where you can use the music repeatedly in unlimited games, apps and any other audio visual productions commercially for £39.99.

And to simplify other parts of my licensing terms, I’ve also removed all terms that previously limited you to only being able to sell up to 1,000 copies of physical units of your productions (e.g. DVDs or Blu Rays of your films). When you now buy a commercial license or a royalty free collection, there are no longer any limits to the amount of physical releases of your films and productions you can sell! Unlimited!

If you have any questions about my licensing terms or using the music, take a look at the FAQs or licensing info, or please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.

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Summer Skies: 4K Ultra HD Timelapse Compilation By Andrias Joensen

Summer Skies – 4K Ultra HD Timelapse Compilation

Great new time lapse video from photographer Andrias Joensen at AHJ Photography that features music from my royalty free music collection Volume 8 (Deep Space Ambient).

“This new timelapse compilation focuses on the many Sun sequences, mainly sunsets, I’ve shot , mostly in 2015, but also a few from 2014. There’s also a sequence from the March 20th Solar Eclipse.”

Andrias Joensen

You can see more of Andrias’ work at the following sites:

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Summer Milky Way & Airglow Time Lapse By Harley Grady

Summer Milky Way & Airglow Time Lapse (4K ULTRA HD)

Here’s a really nice new Milky Way time lapse video from photographer Harley Grady that features my ambient space music track Coronal Mass Ejection.

“We’ve had lots of rain in the north Texas area. Finally had a clear (and free) weekend to shoot a time lapse of the Milky Way. Notice the green glow at around the :50 second mark? That’s an astronomical phenomena called ‘airglow’.”

Harley Grady

Find more of Harley’s work and license his footage from these links:

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New Ambient Space Music Track ‘Coronal Mass Ejection’

Ambient Space Music: Coronal Mass Ejection by Simon Wilkinson

Now up on the site is my new ambient space music track Coronal Mass Ejection (promo video above). The track is an 8 minute atmospheric instrumental soundscape with a subtle but epic slow burning deep space/solar feel.

It’s ideal background mood music for listening to when your mind is focused on things like writing or reading sci-fi novels, programming, gaming etc. You can buy the track just for personal listening and it’s also available to instantly license for use in your own space videos, films and documentaries: